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The Amazing Race, May 1 – Critical Mistake Takes Another Team Out

It’s still hard to believe this race is moving along without the Cowboys. When you’re playing with All-Star teams, though, you just can’t make those types of mistakes they did over the past few weeks. Sometimes luck will pull you through, and sometimes not.

Zev and Justin are the first team to leave at 6:54 AM. Their clue tells them to head to the Air Rescue Helicopter Port and sign up for a departure time. They will be listed in five minute intervals. Before teaking off, they’ll receive the next clue. Justin mentions he and Zev have hats that were knitted for them by his 12-year-old sister and her friend, but Zev is insisting on going with the lumberjack look instead. Justin thinks the hats have been bringing them good luck, as they’ve been running in first place since they hit the cold weather. They get the first departure at 9:15 AM. They note they’ve never been in a helicopter before.

Kisha and Jen are the next to depart at 7:02 AM. Kisha thinks it’s hysterical that they only get $1 for this leg of the race. She notes afterwards that they’re having more fun this season. They’re taking more time to enjoy the people and the scenery … “second chances.” They get the next departure time. Kisha isn’t happy, but Jen is, to know the craziest thing ever in her life is about to happen.

Kent and Vyxsin, aka the Goth Couple, leave at 8:00 AM. He notes they’re starting the legs happier now. She explains they put in extra glitter today so they’d match the snow. He continues, though, to be somewhat useless, as he asks her to put his hood up while they walk, saying he can’t reach it. He feels, though, they’ve become a better team as the race has gone on. They just miss a taxi going by.

Gary and Malloy leave at 8:18 AM, and also look for an electric taxi. They know they’re following the Goth couple, seeing the waffle shoe marks in the snow. The Goth Couple has gone inside a convenience store to see about getting a taxi. While they’re inside asking to have a taxi ordered, Gary and Mallory jump inside a taxi and take off.

The Goth Couple have made a goal to just keep racing after today, as in their first season they came in sixth. They try to hail a taxi, but it goes straight past them as it’s the one carrying Gary and Mallory. It frustrates Kent and makes him want to kick some ass some more.

Flight Time and Big Easy are the last team to depart at 8:43 AM. They, too, make fun of the $1. Big Easy compares the race to a basketball game, saying they’re in the fourth quarter. You can have a bad first three quarters, then score a lot of points and still go on to win. They hope they’re stepping it up to get the MVP. They ask the taxi driver how far he’ll take them on $1. He shows them a spot a few feet down the road.

Kent is still pissed that Gary and Mallory caught a taxi before them. Vyxsin finds it disconcerting for him to be negative and hyper-sensitive. Kent gets in front of a taxi to hail it, and they finally get one to stop. As the Globetrotters are telling their driver that they won’t need their $1, as they’ll be getting a million soon, the Goth Couple gets to the helicopter port and sign up for a departure time. Flight Time and Big Easy arrive just after them and have caught up with everyone.

Zev and Justin are nervous, as is Kisha, while Jen is still really excited. Mallory knows they’re going somewhere dangerous, as they’ve been outfitted in a lot of protective gear. Kent notes it’s the first time in the race that they’re going to an unknown place. Big Easy likes their odds, being just twenty minutes behind the leader, and five minutes behind the team in front of them. Zev doesn’t think this will be good for the Goth Couple, and wonders if the snow will take off their eyebrows.

Just before Zev and Justin depart, they get their next clue, a Detour – Search or Rescue. In Search, teams will brave the extreme winds and use an avalanche beacon to locate a training dummy that’s been buried somewhere on the glacier. Digging the dummy up, they’ll get the next clue. In Rescue, teams will use a device specifically engineered for crevasses to rescue a stranded mountaineer. One will rappel into a narrow crevass and clip into the rescue line, then the other will use a pulley system to bring the partner back to the surface where they’ll work together to complete the rescue.

Zev and Justin decide to do Search. As they’re flying over the Matterhorn, Kisha and Jen take off at 9:20, decideding to do Rescue. They feared that Search would be a tedious task that could take hours. While Jen finds the flight amazing, Kisha finds it “so scary.” She’d just feel better if her feet were planted on the ground. Justin feels their landing is “Inception” like. They start using their beacon to find the body. They find a body very quickly and start digging.


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