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American Idol 10, April 28 – This Is What Talent Looks Like

Steven explains what he said last night is that she brought tears to his eyes, and she’s got it goin’ on. “Your arms are too short to box with God, so you shouldn’t try.” She responds she thinks she undersands all of that a little, but thinks there’s definitely some soul in there. She’s safe, believe it or not.

Scotty is next up. Jimmy explains he comes with character, strength, and confidence. If they had Johnny Cash on the show, they wouldn’t tell him to spread his wings. His prediction for Scotty is that he has a magnificent subtlety, but he worries that subtlety is where you get lost, and that’s where he could be in jeopardy. Scotty agrees that a lot of times on this show people are looking for the glory notes and the bang moment, but sometimes it’s nice to slow it down a little bit. He has to wait for his result.

Lauren is called up next. Jimmy believes she only hears the negative in a critique. She didn’t hear that Jennifer was proud of her for going for that note and only that she didn’t hit it. She has a poise when she’s confident that challenges any singer in the game today. His prediction is that she’s here for the long run. She knows he’s right that she only focuses on the negative stuff. She’s trying to work on it, but is blessed to be here and needs to be a little more grateful and not worry about the negative. She’s also told to wait it out on the couches.

Casey comes out to much applause. JImmy calls him a great musician that will go on to be a great singer/songwriter. He watched him last night and was disappointed, because he was on, but felt he had to growl. He wants him to realize the family dog does not get a vote. His prediction is that he’s safe. Casey believes the growl is pent-up aggression, and also jokes he also has a passion for music he needs to get out, and it has to be pushed out through a tiny hole. He also has to wait.

James takes center stage to hear his results. Jimmy says James isn’t believable when he sings heavy metal. Yet when he sings a melody in a great song with a rock feel, he’s more believable. If he picks the right songs, there’s no doubt to Jimmy he can win. Yep, he’s safe.

Jacob is called up next. Jimmy explains their studio is right next to Dancing With the Stars. When he saw Jacob hit the stage, he thought he went in the wrong dressing room. It’s not just about the voice on this show, but the whole package. His prediction is that he could still go home tonight, and that he’s on banana peel status. At this point, it’s a horse race, and they have to stop comparing only to themselves and their own progress, but each other, as there’s only one winner.

Casey, Lauren, and Scotty join him in the center stage. The one person who is safe of these three is Lauren. Scotty, Casey, and Jacob are in the bottom three. Well, that’s a shocker. Except, Ryan is careful to never call them the bottom three, so I suspect this is the person with the lowest votes and two more who aren’t necessarily on the bottom to add shock value and garner votes for who they think needs them.

With America still fretting over that “bottom three,” Bruno Mars takes the stage to sing The Lazy Song. It’s a good carefree song that definitely doesn’t mention the tension within the bottom three.

The tension is back with the “bottom three” at center stage looking to see who’s safe and who’s going home. Jacob is called safe to his surprise as well as many others. Steven says “wow” at the judges’ table. The person heading home tonight is Casey. The judges look ticked, and James is shocked to lose his third friend in a row.

Casey admits on his goodbye tape that being here was a hundred gazillion times better than he expected. They show a shot of him in the Idol house dancing on a counter with a huge mixing bowl he’s eating out of, and kicking a milk gallon and plastic cups off. Odd. Ryan honors him by saying “this is what talent looks like.”

Casey ends his time on the show singing I Put a Spell on You, as Haley tries to make it seem like she’s not as affected as she is. He stops to hug and kiss the judges as he then makes it out to the auidence to kiss random girls. He hugs the families in the crowd and shakes hands with his dad. Hen runs back onstage and jumps on Scotty, then runs at James. He’s having the last bit of fun he can have on that Idol stage and went out on the best note possible.

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