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American Idol 10, April 28 – This Is What Talent Looks Like

As expected, last week’s top six American Idol episode was very telling. The Carole King theme wasn’t much of a fit for any of them, making them have to rely on their own artistry to see what they could do with it. Scotty had the performance of his whole time on the show, being able to rely on his voice itself, and not singing country. James seemed to have the performance of the whole season for anyone, being able to sing a cappella, then do a nice slow rock. The duets didn’t add or take away from anyone’s performances and were just fun.

Ryan Seacrest starts off telling us a lot of fans are going to be disappointed with the results. He’s teasing us again! Ryan announces Steven Tyler is on the cover of Rolling Stone and has a spread in People. The magazines are saying he went from a bad boy to America’s Sweetheart. He explains he may be good, but when he’s bad he’s even better.

The Idols went to the British Consulate to celebrate this week’s royal wedding. It’s hard to imagine Idols doing a thing on the British without Simon Cowell. They celebrate eating fish and chips.

Tonight the Idols gather again singing a medley of Carole King hits. Haley starts it off and sounds very off. James comes out and joins her, then starts singing with Scotty. Eventually the other idols join in as well. Lauren looks really cute with her curls. Scotty even sings Go Away Little Girl amongst a bunch of teenage girls. They end with a nice rendition of It’s Too Late.

Is time for the Ford Music Video, and they sing Our House, as they draw it out with markers and it comes to life. For some reason Jacob draws a WiFi symbol on the wall. After it comes completely to life, they drive away in their Fords.

Crystal Bowersox is here tonight to sing Ridin’ With the Radio. She looks as good as ever. Married life seems to agree with her. She has that unique mic stand she had with her last year. After her performance, Crystal goes over to say hi to this year’s idols.

Fans have sent in some questions for the Idols. The first one is for Casey Abrams. He’s asked if he could sing a duet with anyone alive or dead who would it be. He chooses Oscar Peterson, a famous jazz musician. Randy Jackson approves. Casey explains Oscar’s chord structure, soloing, and his musicality in his field are incredible. Singing bass with him or singing a ballad would be incredible.

Another fans asks Jacob Lusk when he discovered the range in his voice. He claims it was when he was 6 o 7 and in choir practice. He could sing alto, tenor, and soprano with no problem. Lauren Alaina is asked what the hardest part of being an idol finalist is. She replies it’s missing friends and family back home. The big tornado last night in the south had her worried. She called her brother to confirm he was okay, yet is sending out love to anyone who lost someone.

Scotty McCreedy is asked if he ever had a pre-Idol job. He worked in grocery stores and helped his mom at her tanning salon, staying beyind the counter so no one could see him. James Durbin is asked if he ever played with a band before Idol. He did, and says he always has a project going on, whether it’s a main focus or side focus, and out here he has a band with Casey, Stefano Langone, and Paul McDonald.

Haley Reinhart is asked who her all time favorite past Idol contestant is. She has so many favorites and has watched the show forever, but as far as uniqueness, she has to give it up to Adam Lambert. She also likes Siobhan Magnus and Kelly Clarkson, who started it all. She gives it up to Lee Dewyze and Crystal as well. Ryan wants her to throw Taylor Hicks in, so she agrees to.

Going through the Idols randomly, Ryan calls on Haley first for some results Jimmy Iovine agrees with Jennifer Lopez that Haley has one of the best voices in the competition. He thinks he agrees with Steven, if he knew what he was talking about. As an artist, her problem is she doesn’t know who she is yet, and he thinks the audience has caught wind of that. If she goes home tonight, it will be because of that.


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