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Top Chef: Masters 3 – Ep 4 – The Woman Likes Her Meat

Quickfire Challenge – Make a delicious cheese plate in 12 minutes for Cheese Guy, better known as Norbert Wabnig, owner of The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. I think that name sounds like a J.K. Rowling character, in fact, part of it is!

Suvir – Cheese Pakera 2 Ways – Mozzarella Di Bufala & Gouda, Tamarind Chutney – Norb wasn’t crazy about the presentation but mozzarella goes with anything.

Celina – Mancheso, Crispy Carrot, Fig, Golden Raisin and Sherry – Norb thinks it all goes well together.

Unibrow – Crisp Camellia Goat Cheese, Fried Quail Egg, Pepper Salad and Hazelnut Vinaigrette – Norb says it is stunning, but still not a big fan of the egg.

Beast – Chaumes Cheese Toast, Skirt Steak, Apples, Onions, and Balsamic Vinaigrette – Amazingly she makes a steak in 12 minutes and gets serious props for pulling it off.

Mary Sue – Cotija and Gouda Cheese Empanada with Tomatillo Salsa – She gets major praise from the chefs for making her own tortillas in the time allotted. Norb thinks the cheese choice was a good one.

George – Onion and Grana Padano Gratin, Quail Egg, Grilled Bread and Asparagus – Another quail egg, hmm. Norb thinks the ingredients were all there, but too much onion. George is surprised at the comment since it was an onion dish. Of course, it should have been a cheese dish, but what the hell do I know.

Alex – Rocchetta and Prosciutto Quesadilla, Pickled Asparagus and Fried Quail Egg – Ok, what’s with the quail eggs? Was there a sale? Norb felt the mild flavors should have worked, while Stone found the flavors too intense and not enough cheese.

Floyd – Cotija Elote: Corn on the cob, Creme Fraiche, Cotija Cheese and Cayenne Pepper – Norb thought there was too much pepper, and Stone commented on the strong punch.

Traci – Colombier & Prosciutto Carpaccio, Arugula and Croutons – Norb really liked it and praised the obscure cheese selected.

Bottom Two – Norb picks Floyd and George for a heavy-handed dish and an onion-dominated dish.

Top Two – Norb picks out Beast and Traci – for a very flavorful meat dish and a dish that put cheese as the centerpiece. Traci gets the win and immunity. Floyd is a bit pissed for Traci winning for just putting cheese on a plate. For a cheese challenge. Not a corn challenge. Not an onion challenge. Not a quail egg challenge. A friggin cheese challenge. Traci admits to liking “winning”

Elimination Challenge – Take the favorite dishes of various Biggest Loser contestants and make them healthier. No easy task. Chefs will then be divided into three teams – one cooking a breakfast, another a lunch and the third a dinner dish. Each will make the same brownie dessert. The full four course meal needs to come in at 1500 calories or less. Each dish is basically starting out at over 1000 calories already, so good luck.

I don’t watch The Biggest Loser – I am torn by the show. I think it is a good think to help the morbidly obese get healthy, and to hopefully inspire others to follow suit. I fear that the show may devolve too far into mocking fat people. It may not, and I hope not, but that’s my fear and why I don’t watch it.

Bert, Stone, Dany and Alan are the judges again this week, and the Losers and host/trainers are there to dine as well. Each Loser’s thoughts on their own favorite will be sought. Teams are Unibrow/Celina/Traci, Alex/Mary Sue/Suvir, and Floyd/George/Beast.

Beast – French Toast – 940 calories, down to 275 – French Toast, Berries, Scrambled Eggs and Turkey Bacon – Alison the Loser Host likes the syrup substitution. Alan is a fan of the berries and sweetness.

Mary Sue – Hash and Eggs – 1110 calories, down to 390 – Turkey/Vegetable Hash and Poached Egg – Stone praises the egg, but Alan isn’t a fan. Loser Ken loves it, but Bert finds the hash to be rather ugly.

Celina – Eggs and Hash Browns – 1230 calories down to 291 – Turkey bacon and Egg Whites on Ezekel Bagel with Vegetables – Alan thought it was an interesting call, and Stone plainly says the dish left a dryness in his mouth. That’s what she said. Bert was left craving fat and salt.