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American Idol 10, April 27 – Goin' to Church and Seeing God

Randy tells Casey what he loves is that every time he keeps the show different. He felt like the song was written for him. It took him back to New Orleans where he’s from. It was like Casey’s Show and Revue. He’s excited every time he’s up there, as he knows he’ll see something different and entertaining.

Steven tells Casey he found his niche in all the American Idol stuff. He worked the stage well as the best mother-lovin’ show he’s seen. He made his scalp itch it was so good. Jennifer felt Casey was definitely in his element with the musicians sitting here, and playing a little piano. She’d love to see him loosen up a little bit more in his body. Everything’s so perfect, but she’d just wants to see him loosen up his legs a little bit. His legs?

Haley Reinhart calls Carole King a mastermind of songwriting, and she’s going with one called Beautiful. Jimmy thinks it sounds Beatles-esque, and Haley agrees that it’s groovy and uplifting. It has a night and day to it. She sings a little bit of it with Babyface, who says she caught on pretty quickly, and that’s the sign of a good artist. Jimmy’s looking for more color in the word “get.” There’s a technical issue, but she gets it taken care of. She does really well with the song and just makes it come off easy.

Steven tells Haley she is as beautiful as the song is. He just saw God and heard him in her voice. “Your arms’ too short to box with God. He feels she nailed it. Jennifer calls it beautiful and says Haley has one of the best voices in the competition. Randy didn’t like the beginning, and is booed, but says the ending was great. The get was good.

Jacob and James are the last two to combine for a duet, and they’re singing I’m Into Something Good. James laughs when he talks about their reaction when they found out they’d be pairing up for a duet. They’re going to take it to church as he asks for an amen. James pulls out some awesome dance moves on it, someting we haven’t seen from him yet. He and Jacob go behind the judges’ desk and pull J-Los chair around to sing to her. They do a little thing in the middle where they argue it out over who gets the girl, then battle it out with their screams at the end. It brings out a sly smile.

Steven wasn’t sure if it was the most award-winning performance, but it should have been. They were having fun and they can both sing great, but he has to ask where they were going with all that. James tells him they were “goin’ to church.” Ryan tells the audience to vote for Jennifer’s legs that were in clear view when she got spun around in her chair.

As expected, there were definitely some defining moments. Scotty showed he could do more than classic country and western, and James proved there isn’t anything he can’t do. He can rock it out, get tender in a ballad, and can also take it to church. I’m expecting the bottom three to be Jacob, Lauren, and Haley.

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