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American Idol 10, April 27 – Goin' to Church and Seeing God

Scotty McCreery talks about the judges’ comments for him last week. He knows it’s time to really go at it, and this week is singing You’ve Got a Friend. Jimmy advises him to be more intimate. They want him to start the song very soft and not the regular Scotty voice, as then it will have more impact. Babyface tells him to keep it smooth. Jimmy knows it’s the most romantic song he’s tried so far and thinks he needs to deliver the subtlety and poignancy to move the judges and the audience. Scotty takes their advice and completely nails the emotions in this song. It’s damned impressive. This is what I meant saying someone was going to knock it out of the park. I think the guy just became an adult.

Randy tells Scotty what was cool about this was that he turned the other cheek from last week. The beginning of it was flawless; he started with the tenor instead of the baritone, which he never even heard him do before. Offering just one criticism, Randy tells him he shouldn’t fall off those high notes. “Scotty’s in it to win it!”

Steven has to echo what Randy said, but also knows when Scotty was singing at the top of the register, he didn’t hold it because he was up there, other than the one note. He thinks this is the one song they’ve been waiting to hear from him and doesn’t think he’s ever sung better. It still had the country thing, but he also took it somewhere else. Jennifer tells him when they hear him sing a song like that, it’s why they couldn’t let him get away with what he did last week. He was reaching for that other end of his voice, and she remembers when he couldn’t even go there at all. For her his strength is always in the storytelling, and he told that story beautifully.

James Durbin gets stool chat with Ryan and he mentions Scotty was amazing and 100% better than dress rehearsal. He just keeps stepping it up week after week and it makes the others step it up as well. He’s going with a love song tonight, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. He got some requests on the americanidol.com forum to sing it, so he is.

James isn’t doing a marching band or flaming piano, but thinks he can still put on as much of a show. Babyface admits to being blown away. Jimmy thinks Carole and James are a marriage made in heaven. James is 100% a child of rock ‘n roll. It’s the whole reason he got into music. He hopes that excitement comes out tonight as well. His beginning a cappella is amazing. Then he kicks it in with his electric guitar, and totally kills this song.

Steven tells James Caorle King wrote so many hits, and hundreds of people got hits from her hits. He really liked the beginning of that and he was sold on it right there. People are going to download it for that little piece. He didn’t like the rock part at first, but it grew on him. It was the first song he ever made out with a girl to, and it was in a bowling alley. But he didn’t strike out. That one needs a rim shot.

Jennifer thought from the beginning it was magical. He had her moving up there for the first time all night. She thinks he’ll be the star of the night with that one. When she thinks back every week, James has had a storng week every week. Consistency is what’s going to win it. All night Randy has been asking who’s in it to win it. James turned the other cheek tonight, as he wasn’t just a rock singer. He proved he was a great singer, and that’s the most important thing. It was one of the best performances of the last couple of months. He thinks this guy just might bring the whole thing. Ryan encourages it, and Randy comes up and gives him a hug.

Lauren and Scotty get stool chat with Ryan. They’re doing another duet together, their third, and Ryan asks what’s going on between them. Lauren admits he’s kind of cute. Scotty, though, says they’re like brother sand sister. Lauren says it’s all for the stage. They’re singing Up on the Roof. He then has to try and expalin the difference between compliment and complement. She warns America to expect them to be entertaining. They hit a few stinker notes in the song, but really fit the song well together.

Jennifer tells Lauren she sung her brains out, and tells Scotty it’s hard to sing second voice to someone singing like that, so it was a good job of Scotty’s too.

Casey Abrams is singing Hi-De-Ho made popular by Blood Sweat & Tears. Jimmy notes it’s difficult to sing and takes 100% personality. Babyface even picks up a guitar to play with him. Jimmy knows Casey is the type of artist who thrives living on the edge of creativity. He’s always pushing boundaries, and when you do that, you can either fall on your butt or rise to the heights. Casey sits next to the piano player and tickles the ivories a little bit, then moves on to all the other band members. It’s so Casey, yet a little on the safe side.


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