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American Idol 10, April 27 – Goin' to Church and Seeing God

Tonight is going to make or break a few of these idols, and it’s probably going to lead to a breakthrough performance for someone. Carole King music is such a pointed genre, and it doesn’t really meet up with some of these Idols’ style. The people who will succeed big will be the ones who figure out how to take a Carole King tune and make it match their style.

Teddy “Babyface” Edmund is collaborating to critique the performances this week with Jimmy Iovine. He calls it major and finds the Idols really talented. He doesn’t think America has caught the essence of any of them yet. Not only are they singing individually tonight, but they’re also doing duets, which is always fun.

Up first is Jacob Lusk who wasn’t sure if he could keep doing this after being in the bottom three. Jimmy wants him just to riff and go off. He’s singing Oh No Not My Baby. He works really hard to get the rifts right, saying he literally sang it sixty-five times. Jimmy knows Jacob is an incredible singer, but thinks he’s in the most jeopardy. He definitely picked the right song for him. The only question remaining is if everyone will still be remembering this song at the end of the night. He’s not taking himself too seriously either, which sometimes holds him back.

Steven Tyler tells Jacob they all knew he could sing, and it’s about time he shook his tailfeathers. He was wondering when he was going to get around to it. The character and dancing was what they were looking for. They all know he can sing, but when he struts like that, it’s magic. Jennifer Lopez calls it a tricky song to stick with when he’d been having trouble. There were spaces where it wasn’t perfect, but he brought it home at the end. Randy Jackson also found a few sharp spots, but notes he brought himself back with an energetic performance. He felt the scatting was incredible. Jacob admits to Ryan he was having fun while singing, wanting to have a party for being in the top 6.

Lauren Alaina is singing Where You Lead and brings something into her practice we haven’t really seen since her audition. Babyface advises her to push it even higher, but she worries about hitting the high notes. He asks if she’s ever gone for it and not hit it, and her answer is no. She tries it and does hit it.

Jimmy surprises Lauren by bringing Miley Cyrus into the session. She tells Lauren she listens to her all the time and she’s awesome, and she loves hearing an accent like hers. She advises her that people will always be mean and talk about her, and Jimmy adds in that Miley’s fans had talked about him. Lauren’s going to go out and believe in herself. She is much more relaxed on stage tonight than she’s been in the finals. She even goes out and brings a guy up onstage and sings to him.

Jennifer Lopez tells the audience they’re right to clap, as she herself is proud of Lauren. It brought tears to her eyes, as she felt her pushing. It’s hard to break those barriers, as you have insecurities and people in your ear, but you only take the negative sometimes. She heard her voice crack when she was pushing, and that’s what she needs to do. Randy adds Lauren came out with a little extra swagger. It was like she was intent on getting it. It’s time to throw down the gauntlet every time she’s up there. The song was a little safe and boring, but she made it into something more. Miley was right telling her to do it for herself. They’re looking for someone who’s going hard for it, and he wants her to continue doing that.

Steven heard them talking about Lauren’s fears, but when her voice broke tonight is when she shined. People sometimes become a dartboard for fears, doubts, and insecurities, but he tells her not to let it end there. As Lauren gets emotional, Ryan brings the young man back up onstage again. He’s 19, but Lauren is only 16, so Ryan tells him they have rules. He advises her mom and dad to get on that.

It’s time for the first duet of the night, with Haley and Casey. They’re singing I Feel the Earth Move. She thinks their styles have meshed since the beginning and they’ve always jammed out. He says he wouldn’t have wanted to sing with anyone else. He likes growling with her. He adds in “onstage.” This is definitely the right song for her as she makes it sexy. They combine and sound as good as they did on the jazz number a few weeks ago.

Steven addresses “Weird Beard,” and asks him how much he’s in love with Haley. He tells him it showed. It’s the first public hint that the two are in an offscreen relationship. He doesn’t want to speak for everyone up there, but he will. It was good, and they’re getting down to the last few. It has to matter what they do, and there wasn’t anything about that he didn’t like. She says after they pulled it out like they knew they would. It was nothing forced, and they were just having fun.


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