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The Amazing Race, April 24 – The Reason It's Called Amazing

The others keep working on their luggage. Gary and Mallory are struggling with all their luggage on the cart. Justin feels sick, and Zev tells him to try harder. For Justin it stopped being funny. He thinks he needs to puke and does, but Zev keeps working on it. They finally finish and get their next clue. Zev adds it was his turn to take the lead as he pushed his teammate; that’s what he needed. Their clue tells them to head to the fountain at Inderbinen Brunnen. They’ll encounter the U-Turn there.

Kisha and Jen finish making their deliveries and head to the fountain as well. The Goth Couple have fourteen of their twenty bags delivered, but forgot to take the tags from one set of bags with them. Gary and Mallory are getting a local to map out their deliveries for them. She’s nervous with the Cowboys in the game. They have five of their bags delivered and know this is a chance to make up some ground.

Zev and Justin find the fountain next to a bunch of goats. They choose not to U-Turn anyone, but Zev would like to U-Turn the animals. They figure they’re in the lead, so have no reason to use it. Their next clue tells them to travel by electric taxi to Moos Restaurant, the pit stop of this leg of the race. Justin feels bad for whoever gets U-turned. Kisha and Jen land at the fountain and also decide not to U-turn anyone being that they’re towards the front.

Kent and Vyxsin are now doubling back to get their luggage tags. They get hung up in a revolving door. He tells her you can’t push on them or they get angry. Zev and Justin arrive at Moos, and Justin believes he might puke on Phil Keoghan. They’re named team number one again and win a trip for two to Curacao. They talk about it being their fourth time in first place. Zev, with the cheese bowl on his head, says they’re in it just for the fondue of it. Kisha and Jen get second place. Time to give up the cheese jokes, Zev.

The Globetrotters have one delivery left, and the Cowboys are already at eleven of twenty bags. Gary and Mallory see the Cowboys and know they have to hurry. Kent and Vyxsin finish, and she finally gives in to his whining and has him sit inside the cart. The Globetrotters think they’re finishing, but have delivered the wrong bags to a hotel. The concierge gives them directions to the right hotel. Gary and Mallory finish and greet the Cowboys as they go by them. The Goth Couple finish their deliveries and head to the U-Turn. They can’t use it, though, having already done a U-turn on Jaime and Cara earlier in the race.

Jet and Cord have sixteen bags delivered, as Gary and Mallory get done with their deliveries. The Globetrotters think they are done, but are told it’s not right. They only have eighteen tickets. They try to figure out where they went wrong. They take off to do two more bags, knowing the Cowboys are going to catch up to them. The Goth Couple get to the fountain and aren’t surprised they weren’t U-turned, but are surprised no one else was. Gary and Mallory arrive and also choose not to U-turn anyone, knowing they’re safe with the Cowboys and the Globetrotters battling it out for last place. The Cowboys make their last delivery.

Kent and Vyxsin end up on Phil’s mat and are called team number three. Gary and Mallory are named team number four. Phil says Mallory makes him laugh, but he’s not sure why. The Globetrotters get their tickets turned in and run to the fountain as the Cowboys turn their tickets in and do the same. Both teams make a run for it. Whoever gets there first has to U-Turn the other.

The Globetrotters get there and U-Turn the Cowboys. Flight Time says Jet and Cord are one of his favorite teams ever, but it’s about survival and is either them or the Cowboys. The Cowboys head back to do the other Detour saying it doesn’t say a whole lot about the Globetrotters that they used the U-Turn on them. Flight Time and Big Easy are named team number five. Big Easy says they had a terrible day today, but they’re still racing.

Jet and Cord reach the Fondue task and toast each other as they eat their fondue. They wind up on Phil’s mat and are the last team to arrive and are eliminated. He asks what happened. Jet takes the blame because of the Roadblock. Cord doesn’t see it that way, though, saying they’re a team, and he stepped off the first step with him and is sitting there on the last mat with him. He’ll stick with him til the end.

Cord knows they hit the nail on the head caliling this race amazing. He got to be with his brother and make memories he’ll never forget. Jet adds they went to new places this time, and he saw it all with his brother. There’s no one else he’d rather travel with, other than maybe his wife. Cord wouldn’t blame him.

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