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The Amazing Race, April 24 – The Reason It's Called Amazing

Jen looks down and realizes she lost her map and knows it’s not a good situation. Justin drives past Vyxsin who has stopped and is trying to figure out where to go next. Jet is trying to figure out where he missed the turn. I would just like to see gas prices like that again, as there’s a sign advertising $1.69 a gallon. I realize it isn’t in US dollars; it’s just good to see a one in front of the number. Gary and Jet compare notes, as Jet says he thinks he missed a turn, and Gary says he knows they can’t make any mistakes.

More racers try to work together as well, as Jen offers to help Justin read his map, promising him that she is good at it. They think they have the end in sight. Jen’s figuring everyone is going to have to do it over. Vyxsin is going to ask for help with the map, as Jet and Gary part ways. Justin is the first to arrive at Marco, and his 22 kilometer guess is right. He is told to go to the castle next. He tells Jen the answer is 22, and she gets it right as well.

Gary runs into Vyxsin who is still on foot asking for help. He asks her if she has seen Marco yet. Gary tells Vyxsin he was working with Jet, but that he’d taken off and left him. Jet arrives in front of Marco and gives him the number 35. He is sent back to start the course over again. He runs into Flight Time, and they compare notes.

Jen and Justin get to the castle and pick up their teammates, as well as the next clue. They now need to travel by bus and train to Zermatt, Switzerland, at the base of the Matterhorn. They’ll get their next clue in the train station.

Flight Time drives up on his bike and tells the two teams leaving the castle that he got lost and doesn’t want to go back. He asks if it’s 20. They tell him it’s 22. Justin admits in a confessional later that he doesn’t know why he helped him, yet they were so much ahead, they didn’t think it would hurt them.

Zev/Justin and Kisha/Jen hop on the bus, and Justin asks what would have happened if Jet or someone else was looking for the answer. She replies Flight Time is the only one she would have given the answer to. Flight Time tells the answer to Gary, as they want to gang up against the Cowboys.

Flight Time gives the answer to Marco and gets it right, and Gary does the same. Vyxsin does too. Jet is still back there trying this thing again. Zev/Justin and Kisha/Jen catch the train and call it one big happy family. Justin tells Jen she completes him. Mallory is happy to see her dad at the castle, and he tells Cord that Jet had to go back. Vyxsin and Flight Time get back to the castle as well, as Cord refers to himself as the Lone Ranger. The other three teams all catch the bus to Sargons, and Kent says he wants to put some Cowboys on ice today.

Zev/Justin and Kisha/Jen arrive in Zermatt. They find a Detour – Cheese or Wheeze. In Cheese, teams will head to a restaurant and share a pan of fondue. Once they finish all the cheese, they’ll get an empty pot with the clue. I’m all over that one. Cheese is my favorite thing to eat. In Wheeze, teams will travel on foot throughout the town delivering luggage from the train station to at least five different hotels, getting a tag from each delivery.

Zev and Justin are afraid to do cheese, fearing it will be the same as their meal on the ferris wheel.They decide to do Cheese anyway, because they’re hungry. The girls do the same for the same reason. They start eating the fondue, and Jen says she won’t be able to poop for a long time. The guys start doubting the process, as do the girls. The girls decide to leave, and don bellhop uniforms, and look over their deliveries. Jen figures if they deliver four pieces of luggage to the same hotel, they’re ahead of the game.

The other three teams are all feeling good about the distance between themselves and the Cowboys, except Vyxsin knows they’re never safe , knowing the cowboys can make up time. Zev and Justin are still trying to eat their fondue. They all land in Zermatt, with everyone deciding to do luggage.

Kisha and Jen have delivered three of twenty bags. Zev pronounces himself not very fondue of the fondue. The other three teams all start their deliveries. The Goth Couple needs to fix their cart before they can get going with their deliveries. After, Kent starts complaining that Vyxsin hit his ankle with the cart, and she tells him he’s acting like a baby. Kisha and Jen have done seven of theirs, as Zev and Justin are still working on the cheese. They had left the wiener schnitzel on the ferris wheel last week, but feel they’re at a certain point with this one that they need to keep going and stick it out.


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