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The Amazing Race, April 24 – The Reason It's Called Amazing

Gary and Mallory lucked out last week with it being a non-elimination leg. They’re getting another leg, and if it’s a flight they’re taking, they’ll be even more safe. If it is, Jet and Cord have to make sure to not make another mistake with their flight. They have to stick with the pack, as they always gravitate toward the front anyway. The tension is really increasing for all of them.

As the winners of the last leg, Zev and Justin get a chance to check out their new Ford Focuses, then leave the Vienna, Austria, pit stop at 3:14 AM. They will now travel by train to Schaanwald, Liechtenstein, a country that is one-fifth the size of New York City. Additionally, there will be a double U-turn at some point on this leg of the Race. They’ve won more legs than anybody, so their confidence is sky high, although Zev recognizes Justin is carrying more of the weight for the team. They think Liechtenstein sounds like a fake country.

Flight Time and Big Easy leave at 3:25 AM and discuss that they’ve been working together with Gary/Mallory, Kisha/Jen, and Zev/Justin. They haven’t worked with the Cowboys much and think they’re independent for the most part. Kent and Vyxsin leave at 3:39 AM. He notes they’ve been bickering like bratty little kids, and she knows that type of interaction could easily be fatal for them.

Kisha and Jen leave at 3:49 AM, with Kisha saying she’s going to be running this leg as hard as she can. The Cowboys leave one minute later, with Cord thinking they have a target on their back, and Jet saying he doesn’t know if they’re outcasts, but there sure hasn’t been anyone else with them. With the double U-turn coming up, Cord knows if they make more mistakes, it could be their last day. Gary and Mallory leave at 4:36 AM, more than an hour after Zev and Justin, and more than forty-five minutes past the Cowboys. They’re reading to do the speed bump and move past it.

All the teams catch the same train. Kisha and Jen do a little flirting with Flight Time and Big Easy who seem to feed it right back. Kisha wants to put her feet up on Big Easy, and tells him she takes foot massages too. Jen notes she likes his energy too. Mallory thinks this is one of the most beautiful parts of the world they’ve been to. Gay just feels lucky to do it again.

They teams get off the train and head for the Liechtenstein border in taxis. The Cowboys are the first team out, while Zev and Justin make friends with their driver. Gary and Mallory try to explain they’re in a race as they’re driver is in no hurry to leave. Zev and Justin’s driver passes the Globetrotters to put them in first place.

Zev and Justin reach the cluebox first and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must use a motorized bicycle, a map, and an odometer, and measure the entire length of Liechtenstein. They will then present their guess for the perimeter length (22 km) to Olympic ski racer Marco Büchel, He’ll direct them to their next destination, but if they’re wrong, they have to do the measuring all over again.

The other teams start arriving while Zev is trying to figure this out. Flight Time, Jen, Jet, and Vyxsin will be doing this Roadblock. Gary and Mallory haven’t arrive yet, but the others see the speed bump waiting for them. Jen takes off first and calls it dangerous, as she’s riding right in front of a bus. Jet feels like Dumb and Dumber as he rides along, and Flight Time does a little rapping while he drives. Justin and Zev have finally figured out Zev will do it, and he admits he’s afraid to slow down on the bike.

Gary and Mallory arrive and find they have to do a Fuel Solex for their speed bump. They will need to use math skills to figure out how to make the right mix of gas and oil to fill up the tank on the motorized bicycle. They’re having a hard time with the math on it.

Jet thinks he has a 50/50 chance of getting his kilometers right, then determines that he has missed a turn somewhere. Flight Time says the amp is straightforward, although you do have to read it. At that point, he realizes he’s going the wrong way. Jen drops her map, and Gary and Mallory are still mixing gas and oil. They end up getting it right, as Gary decides he’ll be riding the bike.


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