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American Idol 10, April 21 – End of the Road a Week Too Early

With a theme like songs from the 21st century, last night should have given us all a good shot at seeing what these idols will record after their time on the show. All of them pretty much perfromed what we expected, so the results probably won’t be too shocking.

Ryan Seacrest talks to the judges about last night’s show. Randy Jackson isn’t sure what’s going to happen tonight, but expresses he’s a little nervous. Jennifer Lopez is hoping it’s not a girl going home. She loves all the contestants, but there’s only two girls left. Ryan asks if there was any fallout from Casey’s kiss, but she says Marc just thought it was cute. Steven Tyler is asked if he’ll behave tonight, but he wants to give the editor something to worry about.

It’s smaller group numbers again tonight, and Lauren, Haley, Stefano, and Jacob take on Train’s Hey, Soul Sister. Jacob is completely getting into it. These particular four voices just don’t seem to blend too well together. Jacob and Stefano do, and so do the two girls, just not the four of them together. The problem here, too, is that they’re just echoing what they hear on the radio and not really adding any harmony, and that’s just never much fun.

The top seven combine in the Ford music video this week on World. It features the Idols laying out the world in pieces, like they’re interior decorators, and enjoying it together at the end.

Casey, Scotty, and James take on Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. Scotty sounds good on pop/rock; he should do it more often. These three guys feature a little more harmony, and it sounds much better together than the other four. This is why this very well could be the final three. It was a much more enjoyable performance than the other one.

Jacob gets a chance to explain how he felt when everyone was calling him a diva last night. He didn’t think they meant it in a bad way, and is pretty sure they just meant the notes he does vocally. He’s going to get them back tonight. Scotty talks about a cupcake that has been named after him in his hometown, a Butterscotch Scotty. Casey got a gift from a viewer, a painting of an upright bass with his face and his dog featured on it.

It’s time for some results. Casey Abrams stands up, as does Jacob Lusk. Ryan jokes that Casey kissed a girl and he thinks she liked it. He asks if it was spontaneous, and Casey replies he was going to breathe in her face, but she gave him the opening. She responds she liked the kiss better. Ryan asks Jacob how he made it past the technical glitch with the drum track, and he replies he either had to stop or keep going and decided to just go for it. After the vote, Casey is safe, and Jacob is in the bottom three.

David Cook takes the stage singing his new single, The Last Goodbye. It’s a very upbeat rocking tune. He’s also rocking a beard, one that’s not quite as full as Casey’s. A shot of the Idols shows Casey jumping up and down jamming to the tune and James clapping along. After, James is seen showing something in his cupped hands to Casey, who also has cupped hands. Odd. David talks about being involved with a Race for Hope on May 1 to find a cure for brain cancer. Ryan mentions David’s mom is in the audience, and he quips he told her he was performing here, but she said she wanted to come just to see Steven Tyler. She runs over to give him a hug. Steven, that is.

The top seven got to slack off this week and go to a Dodgers game, with Scotty asking to be put in. They also met Tommy Lasorda, who completely impressed Scotty. With even more time on their hands, they went bowling, then hit the spa for massages and facials. James whispers it’s the switcherooni, then jumped in as masseuse for Stefano, who I think calls him something from Steven Tyler’s arsenal of words. Scotty got a pedicure, and is insistent he’s the guy with the best-looking nails.

James Durbin, Stefano Langone, and Lauren Alaina take center stage for some results. Lauren promises to challenge herself if she gets a shot to stay. James reports Matt Bellamy said “Wow,” and was impressed and loved his vision for the song. Randy is asked if Stefano did enough to stay out of the bottom three, and Randy hopes so. Unfortunately, he is in the bottom three, and James and Lauren are safe.

Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart take center stage to find out who the third person is in the bottom three. Haley thinks she may have found her niche and that it’s come together in the last four weeks or so. Scotty is safe, and Haley is in the bottom three, predictably. Ryan walks over the to the bottom three, Ryan whispers to her to follow him, then sends her back to the couches, safe.

Katy Perry makes an appearance singing ET. She’s brought out on the stage, carried by men wearing alien-looking bodysuits. It seems more Gaga-ish than Perry-ish. It’s more weird than bubbly. And like usual, during the second guest performance, no one cares so much, as they just want their results.

Ryan is backstage with the bottom two, asking what’s on their mind and how important this competition is to them. Jacob states the competition is everything to him and has been his dream come true. He feels good, as he gave America his best every week, a part of him, and he thinks they got that. Setefano has been down this road before, but knows he just needs to stay true to himself and give his best every time he’s out of the stage. He knows he just has to keep pushing.

James and Stefano take center stage waiting results, and Jennifer is thinking about all of Jacob’s moments such as singing A House Is Not a Home, and Stefano was their wildcard, but has now come this far. They still get to tour no matter what, but she hates to see either go. Randy lets them know they have a lot coming up with the season finale, and they’ve shown America the artist they’re going to become. Steven doesn’t think any of them deserve to be standng there, and says fifty million people twenty times have watched them, so he’s sure a lot of love will be coming their way.

The person leaving tonight is Stefano. Jacob is safe. James is over on the couch with his head in his hands, obviously very upset. Ryan tells Stefano they’re going to miss him. We look back at his highlight reel, as he’s remembering J-Lo calling him Stefan-o and telling him he is hot. He says, “You dream about this kind of stuff, but to be a part of it, it’s a dream itself.” He just feels blessed to make it this far. He sings Lately to take us out. James comes in at the ends and picks him up and twirls him around, then gets him in a giant hug.

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