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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 9 – Riding Off Into The Sunset

Route Markers
• Despite their struggles, I still felt that the cheese task was the easier of the two. Maybe, it’s just my love of cheese talking, but I think I could dust off a bowl of that stuff on my own.
• No comments from me about the continued Ford commercial. If product placement is what permits more seasons of the Amazing Race, then so be it.
• Liechtenstein is one-fifth the size of New York City, but I assume the traffic is much more manageable. Also, probably fewer places to get a good slice of pizza.
• Justin thought it sounded like a fake country – perhaps like this one.
• Kent thought they had been acting like “bratty little kids.” Actually, no, you have to let a bratty little kid ride in the cart to shut them up. Oh wait…
• Oh, and thanks for the nice comments on Twitter, Kent. Seriously, so cool that Justin and Kent respond to the ramblings of insane, jaded bloggers. Shows they have great senses of humor and very, very thick skin!
• Nice try on getting that Big Easy foot massage, Kisha. Always appreciate the blatant attempts at foot massages. They’re worth it. Just don’t mess with Marcellus Wallace (Bad language, be prepared)
• Did Tuni the Cab Driver really think that Zev and Justin were terrorists? Most terrorists I have read about seem to travel around with their own camera and sound guys. And yet, despite these misgivings, he gladly drove them to the Roadblock. Impressively, I might add. Tuni – “It’s crazy what I do.” Someone get Tuni his own show!
• Jet on the moped during the Roadblock – “I feel like Dumb and Dumber.” That leads to the obvious question – is he implying that his brother is dumb or dumber? I’ll let the Boys fight that one out.
• Flight Time’s musical stylings – “Look Mom/No Hands/Oh, I like the way I dance/I’m in Liechtenstein, on the side of France.
• I am kind of impressed that in the Roadblock and Speed Bump we had math and map reading as the skills needed. Only on the Amazing Race.
• Great camera shot of Jen’s lost map. Again, the crew does a fabulous job in picking these things up. The shots, not the map.
• Not sure, but I think they all went to Steve Guttenberg’s castle. We all know who made him a star.
• I wonder how many times Jet had to do the Roadblock. If not mistaken, the Olympian skier giving the clue was with him for the wrong and the right answer. Either Jet had to do it at least three times, or the dude strapped on his ski equipment and beat him to the other side.
• Something that amused me…Jen’s attempts at wearing her bellhop hat over her bandana. I was hoping it would keep falling off throughout the challenge.
• Zev may have set the record for most fondue puns in a single hour of television broadcasting.
• To me though, Zev’s funniest moments were: 1) the AMAZING stare he gave the camera to go into the commercial break as they struggled to eat the cheese, and 2) the fact that he wore the fondue pot with the clue on his head at the Pit Stop.
• Speaking of Z/J, while the Cowboys were rightly feared for their Race abilities, now that Z/J have won four legs, can we start to consider them the frontrunners to win it all?
• Cord wanted to know if “Beep Beep” is the international language. Perhaps for some, but in Race history we all know that Spanish is spoken everywhere. Andale.
• Lastly, good for the Boys for going through with it and eating the cheese, probably over a long period of time. Better to finish it up than to just take the penalty.

DetourCheese or Wheeze. In Cheese, teams have to eat an entire fondue pot of cheese by dipping pieces of bread into it. One would presume that the bread was required, or else spoons would have been used. In Wheeze, teams must deliver 20 pieces of luggage to the correct Swiss hotels. Again, I think Cheese seemed to be easiest, but what the hell do I know. I just like cheese. Zev/Justin did Cheese, the Sisters attempted and then bailed. The rest did Wheeze. The Cowboys had to do both.

Roadblock – Measure Liechtenstein. On a motorized bike, and using a basic map, teams measure the length of the entire country. At the end of the course, they give the number (22 KM) to six-time Olympic ski racer Marco Buchel. RB – Vixen, Flight Time, Jen, Jet, Justin and Gary.

Speed Bump – Garlory had to fill their tank by measuring out 25 parts gas to one part oil. Tiny speed bump, more like a pebble in the road.

Order of Finish – Zev/Justin (trip to Curacao), Sisters, Goths, Garlory (nice recovery), Trotters and the Cowboys (ELIMINATED)

Next Week – Big Easy and Kent get into a kitchen-based argument. That seems to be a bit of a mismatch, no?

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