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Top Chef: Masters 3 – Ep 3 – Bugs? Wait, Am I Still Watching Survivor?

CRITICS’ TABLE – Suvir and Beast come in as the Top 2, Beast got 43% of the vote and $1800, while Suvir got 40% an $1700. Beast takes home the win – for a simple soup. Somewhere at home Jamie realizes how it should have been done.

Mary Sue, Celina and John get called in for the losers’ bracket. Dany tells MS that “all I tasted was pickle.” Again, a dirty joke is there somewhere. John again gets hit for the battling textures, and I again state that his problem was more Tre-like. Celina was hit for the lack of richness to her pudding.

They get sent back to the Wine Room – or Whine Room – and I prefer the Stew Room, but will settle for the “H” spelling to make this work. John gets sent home for his safe and badly executed dish.

Quickfire Hits
• John – “We’re going to have to cook with friggin bugs?” The least of your worries tonight, my friend.
• Unibrow shouts out in the kitchen after another chef laments the flavor not being delicious – “Were you expecting delicious?!?”
• Maybe John lost this week as kharmic payback for sticking bugs in his brother’s mouth when they were kids.
• Suvir regarding his uncooked worms – “My bugs are happy and safe.”
• Stone – “I’ve never been so nervous about dinner.” He’s never eaten with my family.
• Unibrow was happy to win, he is now the “phoenix of the competition.” Not the Phoenix, as he is ok with Mexican people. He is also now prepped for when he opens “Hugh’s Bug Shack.” Heh.
• The graphics team for the show thanks Beast for shouting out the menu in the kitchen, leaving no need for graphics doing the same. Although she does imply that Unibrow was making gerbil – which would normally be crazy except during an episode with cricket on the menu.
• Alex on his salmon (love this quote) – “Some like it cooked correctly, some how they think is correctly, and some don’t like salmon at all.”
• Bert orders Celina to “get out of Dessertville.” That is a town I can retire in peace very easily. I think it is in the Land of Chocolate..
• Extra scene – kitchen disaster stories. Beast’s team losing power and cooking by flashlight. Celina’s bathrooms being broken and sending customer across the street. John almost killing a pastry chef for sending out bad crème brulee. I am positive that defense would not work in a court of law.

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