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Top Chef: Masters 3 – Ep 3 – Bugs? Wait, Am I Still Watching Survivor?

Course 1 – Mary Sue – Tuna Ceviche with Peruvian Aji Amarillo on Plaintain Chips – Bert likes the presentation, but Alan thinks it is too reminiscent of poorly-made guacamole.

Course 2 – Suvir – Chaat Salad of Chickpeas and Yogurt with Baby Spinach This Northern Indian dish is called gorgeous by Bert and Dany gives it one of her many, “Wow, this is delicious” comments that she should have patented by now. Bert does comment that Suvir is too much in his comfort zone.

Course 3 – George – Portugese Shrimp Alhinho with Pickled Carrot, Red Beets and Vanilla Oil – This looked great to me, and Bert agreed. Dany said the shrimp was cooked perfectly, but Bert thought it was a touch salty.

Course 4 – Beast – Celery Veloute with Salsa Verde and Lemon Oil – Bert takes a page from Dany and repeats his “gorgeous” comment again. Dany thought it had “so much flavor.” Stone is worried that this “very rich soup” is indicative of a menu that was too selfish from the chefs, instead of one that flowed from dish to dish.

Course 5 – John – Roasted Shiitake and Prosciutto Risotto with Pine Nuts and Paprika – I wonder if following Beast’s well-received soup really hurt John. Alan thinks the pine nuts were not helpful with textures. However, Dany liked the crispiness. Bert thought the dish was not challenging to John.

Course 6 – Floyd – Rice Flaked Sole with Roasted Cauliflower, Apple and Sundried Ginger Broth – Bert found it to be bold and sweet, however Dany found the broth to be rather “assertive.” Heh. I like that word. Unibrow later describes Beast as being a little assertive.

Course 7 – Alex – Roasted Salmon, Gazpacho Vegetables and Roasted Chili and Tomatillo Sauce. – Stone wonders why the cheezy tortilla strips sprinkled on top. Dany complains about the rareness of her fish, and Bert clarifies that his is “this side of raw.”

Course 8 – Traci – Roasted Rib Eye and Slow-Cooked Broccoli with Red Wine Sauce and Fried Shallots – Finally, no salad. And the only meat course of the night. Stone compliments her meat-cooking ability. Bert raved, while Alan and Dany wavered. Bert smacked them down by saying that their generation has been “brainwashed” by non-cooked veggies to the point where they cannot appreciate a bold cooked veggie. Get down with your bad self, Bert.

Course 9 – Unibrow – Buttermilk Strawberry Panna Cotta, Black Pepper and Champagne Berry Soup – Unibrow presents his dish was flair, to the point of looking like a mental patient. Bert ages himself by describing Unibrow as Liberace. To the new generation, Liberace is a parody from Fred Armisen. Alan liked the firm texture, and Bert found it a nice bridge from savory to sweet.

Course 10 – Celina – Chocolate Puddin’ with Fleur de Sel and Ginger Cake Donut – Suvir tastes it in the kitchen and worries about the texture, as it is not real pudding texture. Bert found it chalky and gritty, Dany considered it tasteless.