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American Idol 10, April 20 – From Muse to Maroon 5, Idols Get Contemporary

Steven tells Casey he already is a cult hero and there are millions off people out there who are angry, because he pisses them off … It’s bleeped out, but he seems to drop the F bomb. He changed so many people’s minds because he’s so good. Ryan comes out with the red beard on. Casey wonders if he’s going to kiss Jennifer too. Casey rips it off, as Ryan quips, “This is what it feels like to be a man?”

Before the next performance, Steven is shown with black tape now covering his mouth. They suggest it’s a penalty box, but he pulls it off, saying they can’t keep him quiet, and shows the “new album cover for his single,” which is a picture of Ryan that he sticks his tongue out of.

Stefano Langone is ready to hear what the others think of him. Lauren calls him a hardcore ladies man. Scotty notes his confidence in himself and how he’s not afraid to take off his shirt slowly at the pool. Jacob thinks he would flirt with paper if given the chance. Lauren wants someone to tell him he doesn’t need to try so hard as he’s a cute guy. James wants someone else to tell him he’s a really big flirt, as he gets mad at him when he says it. He’s singing Closer by Ne-yo. Jimmy obviously doesn’t know what the others think, as he’s trying to tell him to be sexy. Stefano sings this song more animated than ever and uses all of that confidence in himself and all of his voice in the performance.

Randy thought it was going to be a little jerky and bad karaoke, but Stefano turned him around. He did a very good job and smoothed it out. He loved that he took his time singing the verses and worked the dance out too. Steven tells him no one could say he wasn’t all up in it. Jennifer speaks for the girls in the audience and thought it was very good with his swag going on. She really liked it and thought it felt like a concert. It was more him than anything else.

Lauren Alaina talks about the clip of herself falling down the stairs on an earlier show, suggesting there isn’t much more they could do to make fun of her. But they do, talking about the way she talks and her accent. They also talk about her talking a lot, as Scotty adds “talking about nothing at all, just talkng your ear off.” Jimmy tries to explain his way out of what he said about Miley Cyrus last week. This week she’s singing Born to Fly by Sara Evans. Jimmy wants to test her and brings in Rock Mafia, Miley’s producers. She pulls back, which is what he wanted to prove to her. He wants her to focus and forget all that crap. She is just worried about not being able to sing the crazy notes like the others. She looks gorgeous tonight and does well with the song. She lets it rip, just like Jimmy wanted.

Steven tells Lauren he heard her say she doesn’t know what she’s dong sometimes, but anyone who doesn’t know they can fail is sometimes bound to win, and she is that person. He’d love to hear her sing more Alison Krause, Shania Twain, or Faith Hill. Jennifer notes Lauren’s special voice, and says it’s not everyone that has that much color in their voice. She heard her say everyone is singing big notes and doesn’t want to fall behind, but she should try it when she’s alone. Randy agrees, saying she was singing with Steven when they first met her, and every now and then glimpses come out. They knew from the beginning she didn’t know how good she is.

It most likely won’t be a shock this week. Casey, James, and Scotty are still pretty safe. My prediction is Haley, Stefano, and Jacob will be in the bottom three, but there’s a possibility Lauren could land there as well. Any of those four going home won’t be too much of a shock.

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