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American Idol 10, April 20 – From Muse to Maroon 5, Idols Get Contemporary

Haley is singing Adele’s Rolling In the Deep. Jimmy asks about the emotion of the song and she thinks it’s about rejection. Jimmy thinks she’s found the sound that works for her, but needs to also bring the magic to it when she hits the stage. She’s a little pitchy in it until she hits the chorus of it. She also does that arm move they were all talking about. She needs the growl to stay in tune; however, she does show some amazing range.

Randy tells Haley the funny thing about this show is that he’s not only watching who’s going to win, but what direction she’s going to take this. He thinks she chose a perfect direction for her. Adele is an amazing singer, and Haley has the same thing. He notes she went a little sharp a few times, but thought it was well-done. Steven though it was a great perfromance as well. It was slow at the start, but she brought it out in the middle. He thinks there’s a reason the record is number one in America right now. Jennifer thinks it takes guts to take on a record everyone knows right now. You have to sing it as well as the original, and there were moments when she did. She also brought a little bit of Haley to it.

Jacob Lusk gets some stool time with Ryan, and mentions he’ll be doing some Luther Vandross tonight. It’s amazing to him to do it, first because Luther was an amazing singer and one of his favorites, and also because it’s his birthday today, something Jacob didn’t know until today.

Looking at what the others will say about him, Jacob thinks they’ll say he is loud and silly, but instead they all say what a diva he is, but Scotty thinks he’s a cool diva. They also mock his “yaggedy-ya-yas.” He’s singing Dance With My Father, and Jimmy thinks it’s a good choice. James’ own father has passed away, and he gets emotional singing it for Jimmy, who he thinks he nailed it. Jimmy thinks if he can let go, the audience will experience something special. Singing it tonight, Jacob gets interrupted somehow, but finds his place again quickly. It doesn’t beat Luther, but does pack a great emotional punch.

Steven tells James he is so good, he reminds him all the time whey he loves music. He came out and lost his track a little, and stumbled, but he pulled it out, and his daddy was listening to him. Jennifer tells him it’s hard to pefrom when a song means that much to you. It’s a trick to performing, to learn the control and share the emotion with the audience, but have enough control to do all the things you need to do. Emotnally it was beautiful.

Randy agrees that emotionally it was great. Just to help him, while it was good vocally, it didn’t make him jump up and down. Randy wants the reutrn of the old Jacob. He doesn’t want him to hold back anymore. It’s like the restraints on a racehorse. If he’s here next week he needs to just go for it. Jacob tells Ryan he heard drums and stuff in his ear, and that’s where he stumbled.

Mark Ballas mentions that Casey Abrams is his favorite, and coincidentally, he’s next. Casey doesn’t think the others can make fun of him, but they do, and do it well. While some of them wear a fake red beard, Jacob claims he’s a little unusual, and Lauren mentions he doesn’t know how talented he is. Casey even dons the fake beard and calls himself weird. They also play the melodica, but Scotty wants anti-bacterial stuff before he puts his mouth on it, and Haley wants to know how many mouths have been on it. Casey comes up and fake punches James. then chases Scotty.

Casey is singing Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5 this week and playing guitar in it. Jimmy thinks it’s a good choice, but knows he has to just let him go and do his stuff after last week. He thinks it’ll bring something very different than we’ve seen him do so far. It is a different Casey, but no less superb. He sings right in Jennifer’s face at the end, and gives her a kiss on her cheek.

Jennifer notes that Casey’s not playing fair, then says he has soft lips. Steven says he did what Steven has been trying to do for four months. Jennifer comes back to say she loved it …. the performance. He put all his Caseyisms to it, and took a pop song , then took it all the way rock. What Randy loves about Casey is that it’s always aout surprise surprise surprise. When he found out he was doing a Maroon 5 song, he was a little worried, but he enjoyed it. He contineus to take chances, becoming a jazz, indie kind of rock guy. He loved that he came down and kissed Jennifer.


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