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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 8 – Sometimes Schnitzel is Just Schnitzel

Route Markers
• Last place Kent/Vixen left about an hour and a half or so after first place Trotters. It is very interesting to realize that the time between first and last on the Amazing Race is quite often very small. A great example was from S3 when Heather/Eve arrived first to the Pit Stop but wound up with a 30 minute penalty. In that half-hour, the other seven teams all arrived and wound up knocking them out.
• I wonder…does it seem odd to you that there would be a travel agency open at 3:00 am in India? I wonder if Bruckheimer money had anything to do with that.
• Did Mallory use the exclamation, “rats!”? Is she a lost Peanuts character? Is she a character on The Electric Company? If not, she should be – someone call PBS with that one before John Boehner takes away their funding.
• Yes – the Cowboys made THAT Indian joke.
• How would you like to be that poor guy in an Austrian rest stop having multiple teams of crazy, overtired Americans with camera crews frantically ask you for directions to a castle in the middle of the night? Zev/Justin, the Goths and the Sisters all asked that same guy.
• How useless was that castle clue to go to the library? That’s two consecutive clues that were “go here” clues. Just busy work. It did let Justin get off a nice timely Harry Potter joke. Deathly Hallows Part 2, in theaters this summer.
• I won’t repeat Jen’s wiener joke. It was just too easy.
• However, I will gladly report that Flight Time pulled an Ozzy Osbourne on the Austrian Library.
• Not often on a reality show that you can say this – there were multiple psychotherapy jokes this week. Flight Time – “I don’t know nothin’ about the couch. Maybe [Freud] was doing his philosophical thing, layin’ on the couch, and having his weird Freudian slips.”
• And more Flight Time – “He’s the dude who used to have dreams about sleeping with his mama and all that crazy stuff.”
• AAAAND – The Cowboys – Jet – “I could lay on the couch, tell Cord about my feelings, and he could push me.” Cord – “I don’t need to know about his feelings that bad.”
• I think these guys need some Psych 101 – because I don’t think they get it!
• Someone almost killed the poor Trotters with their car. I wonder if Ron was driving.
• Some poor Austrian is going to have to clean all of those couch covers after the worst movers in Austrian history transported those couches.
• Best Roadblock lines…Big Easy – “When I was growing up, we didn’t have a chimney. Santa Claus came through the window.”
• And – Zev making a “that’s what she said” joke regarding something being bigger.
• How many challenges can there be where being cowboys come into play? I mean, Jet and the rope? It seems everything is rodeo-based these days.
• Glad to see the Roadblockers got to keep the cool hats. Although it is someone disconcerting to see the Cowboys wearing different hats. Although, that chimney sweep outfit was quite flattering on Jet.
• Mallory thinks the non-elimination was the biggest blessing ever. Boy, I sure hope there are bigger, if not, we are in a world of hurt as a society.

DetourLong Hard Walk – Go to the Freud Museum, grab a couch, carry it a mile to the Freud School. Or, Quick and Easy Meal – go to a Giant Ferris Wheel turned into a bitchin cool restaurant and eat a meal in the 12 minutes it takes to rotate. Walk – Trotters, Goths, Cowboys. Meal – Sisters, Zev/Justin, Garlory. All three fail and wind up doing Walk.

Roadblock – Be a chimney sweep. Dress the part; use some sort of tiny cannonball with a spiky necklace three times in three chimney holes. Then go to the bottom, get blasted with a little soot and get the clue. Yawn. Big Easy, Zev, Kisha, Vixen, Jet, and Gary.

Order of Finish – Zev/Justin, Trotters, Goths, Sisters, Cowboys, and Garlory (NON-ELIMINATED)

Next Week – Speed Bump, and other stuff that didn’t register because THAT WAS NOT PHIL SPEAKING!!!!!

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