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The Amazing Race, April 17 – The Biggest Wiener I'll Ever Eat

The Cowboys know they’re dead last and have to pick up the pace. Big Easy picks up the couch all on his own as Flight Time navigates through the streets. Vyxsin takes the lion’s share of the work in moving the couch as Kisha and Jen drag theirs around. Jen notes the clue didn’t say anything about keeping it clean. Zev and Justin grab a couch and notice a few missing already, realizing there are people in front of them.

With Kent in front carrying the couch, he and Vysin drop it. The Cowboys arrive and see Zev and Justin carrying the couch. Cord points out this is the first time they saw another team, so they know they’re back in the game. It’s their first light at the end of the tunnel. The Globetrotters reach their destination, then have to carry it up a bunch of stairs. They eventually get it there and get a clue telling them to drive to Salzburg where they need to find another restaurant. Wow. Those people that just tried to eat all that food might have to eat more.

Kent/Vyxin and are still delivering, as Kent needs to take a break. Jen’s mentioning that they’re dragging a couch to someone’s office who probably could have afforded to pay someone to move it. Justin is carrying it all on his own, and Zev follows behind. Justin asks him to please make sure it’s not dragging, which it is. Jet says he could lay on this couch and worry about his feelings while Cord pushes him, but Cord doesn’t seem to care about his feelings too much.

Kent and Vyxsin get to the destination, and he starts complaining about all the stairs. She tells him to stop whining, as his negativity is affecting her. Kisha and Jen arrive, while Kent is still complaining. The Goth Couple park their couch next to the Globetrotters and leave for Salzburg. Kisha and Jen deliver their couch and leave for Salburg as well. Vysin tells Kent it makes it harder psychologically to hear him complaining.

The Cowboys are working on the delviery as Gary and Mallory are behind them. Zev and Justin carry the couch up the stairs, as the Cowboys are arriving. The Cowboys get there first, and they’ve pushed ahead to fourth place. They notice three couches ahead of them, but two cars there, so know there’s hope. Zev and Justin are still working on this as they went up three flights of stairs they didn’t need to go up.

Gary and Mallory are carrying the couch up, as he says he has to stop and piddle. They keep deilvering the couch and take off. They’re not happy to see the couches ahead of theirs.

Kent and Vyxsin are having directional problems and she’s yelling at him again. Zev and Justin pass another team while driving and call it comforting to know they’re not last. Vyxsin is still complaining about Kent’s psycho behavior while they drive around in circles. She tells him if they lose, she won’t ever talk to him again. She just wants to get back on the highway and find out where they went wrong, as they took one wrong turn and have now spent forty-five minutes trying to find their way again.

The Globetrotters are the first to arrive in Salzburg and find a Roadblock. One team member will have to sweep a chimney in a traditional unifrom and use a professional weighted tool. Once finished, they will head to the clean-out door to get their next clue. There are uniforms in all their sizes there, making Big Easy a Big Easy chimney sweep. He calls it sexy.

Zev is nervous as he and Justin are caught in traffic. Big Easy notes he never did this before. His house didn’t even have a chimney, as Santa Claus came through a window. Gary and Mallory are hoping it’s a Roadblock ahead where they can catch up. Big Easy finishes cleaning the chimney and gets the next clue. Zev and Justin arrive with Zev deciding to do it. The Globetrotters get a clue to drive to Villa Trapp, the home of the famous Sound of Music family, the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Zev figures out the sweeping quickly. The sweep tells him to make it bigger, meaning the rope, as he says, “That’s what she said.” Kisha/Jen and Kent/Vusin arrive with Vysin and Kisha deciding to sweep the chimney. Zev finishes and gets his next clue to head to the pit stop. They ask the crowd how to get to the Villa Trapp. The Globetrotters stop and ask a taxi.

Jen finishes sweeping her chimney, with Vyxsin right behind her. The Cowboys arrive in fifth place now with Cord deciding to do the task. He thinks he may have found a new calling, and jokes that it’s not his first day working with ropes.

It’s Zev and Justin who are the first to arrive at Villa Trapp. Phil pronounces them team number one and tells them what they already know, that each of them will get a new Ford Focus. They go out to ogle their new cars. The Globetrotters arrive just after, with Big Easy still wearing his hat from chimney sweeping. He’s a little upset to have not gotten first place.

Kisha and Jen stop for direcdtions as Vyxsin tells Ken they’re freakishly close. Gary and Mallory arrive in last place with Mallory deciding to do it as Mallory asks the Cowboys if they have seen Zev and Justin. They tell her they haven’t seen anybody, producing a grimace from her. Gary is doing this task.

Jet and Cord know they have limited time and can’t make a mistake. Kisha and Jen appear to have gotten bad directions, as Kisha prays that they’re headed the right way. The Goth Couple land on Phil’s mat and are pronounced team number three. Vyxsin notes this is the best they’ve ever done on the race, although it was a hot and cold day throughout. Gary finishes the task, and they head to the Villa Trapp.

Kisha and Jen arrive at the pit stop the same time as Jet and Cord. Kisha and Jen get team number four, with the Cowboys getting team number five. Phil tells Cord he’s been racing so hard his cowboy hat is dirty. He explains when the race is done, he’ll get a new one. Phil asks if they don’t mind riding in the back of the pack, as the girls whipped their asses today. Cord knows it’s time to step it up.

Gary and Mallory arrive and are told they’re the last team to arrive. It’s a non-elimination leg, though, so they’ll have to do a Speed Bump next week. She’s elated. She feels like this is their third chance, saying “third time’s the charm.” While they’re in last place, they should feel somewhat better that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time separating the teams. It’s still anyone’s race.

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