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The Amazing Race, April 17 – The Biggest Wiener I'll Ever Eat

While all the other teams get it with no problem, Gary can’t figure out how to work it, so he and Mallory sit in the car looking for it. They finally get it just before Jet and Cord arrive. That’s the wrong team to allow to catch up. Jet notes as they’re driving away they can’t make any mistakes.

Zev and Justin stop in a gas station to ask where Schloss Schallaburg is, as do Kent/Vyxsin and Kisha/Jen. The Globetrotters stop somewhere different, as Gary and Mallory end up at the gas station. Jet and Cord ask a bus driver. Zev is complaining again, this time about the cold weather.

Zev and Justin are the first team to arrive at the castle, and find a clue inside a book telling them to go to the National Library. Kisha/Jen and Kent/Vixsen arrive next, and the Globetrotters arrive shortly after. Gary and Mallory arrive as the sun is coming up, and the Cowboys do as well. Cord mentions they’re making a habit of arriving last, and that’s not going to get them a million dollars.

Zev and Justin are the first team to arrive at the National Library and find a Detour – Long Hard Walk or Quick and Easy Meal. In Long Hard Walk, teams will make their way to a museum that is the former home of Sigmund Freud, then transfer a analyst’s couch to a school where he once studied and later lectured. In Quick and Easy Meal, teams head to a giant ferris wheel from the Orson Welle’s film The Third Man. They’ll pick up two local meals and enter a dining car. They have to eat all the food in one twelve-minute rotation of the ferris wheel.

Zev and Justin deicde on the Quck and Easy Meal, which probably isn’t very easy. Kisha and Jen arrive, and while Kisha decides to eat, Jen tells her they don’t even know how big the meal is. Kisha points out it doesn’t matter, as it’s only going to take twelve minutes. My question would be, if they don’t finish it, do they have to start out with another meal? The ferris wheel would make them puke then for sure. Gary and Mallory decide to eat as well, as Gary says he’ll eat his own and half of hers.

Kisha/Jen and Zev/Justin are on a train to the ferris wheel, as Jen says she bets this will be the “biggest wiener I’ll ever eat.” That’s just begging for “that’s what she said,” but it’s a little too easy. The Globetrotters arrive at the library and decide to move the couch, but Flight Time stops to do a Jen move as he has to pee. He does it outside the building as Kent and Vyxsin are running by. The Goth Couple decide to do the couch-moving.

Kisha and Jen get their meal first and head to the ferris wheel and ask for ketchup. They start eating while a violinist plays. Kisha calls it nerve-racking. Zev and Justin arrive and pick up their plates of food. Justin says normally he’d be on the couch after eating all of that.

Gary and Mallory take the next train, as she notes her dad will eat half of her food, but he eats twice as fast anyway. Wouldn’t that be a penalty if he eats hers? Flight Time and Big Easy are on their way to the museum, as they decide they didn’t want to take a chance in eating all that food and throwing up. Kisha and Jen are halfway done with their ride as Jen brings up the possibility of not finishing. Kisha tells her to not think about it. Zev and Justin are getting their second wind to try and finish it.

Time is up for Kisha and Jen, and they didn’t finish. They head to the museum to try moving the couch. Gary and Mallory pass them as they are leaving and ask how it was. Kisha just tells them they’ll be alright. Smart move. Let them go in and waste the twelve minutes. The Cowboys are just arriving at the library, hoping they made it before the others, which they didn’t.

Zev and Justin didn’t finish and leave the ride, also pretending they finished it to Gary and Mallory. Mallory says it’s game time; she’s going to finish that plate of food. The Globetrotters arrive to pick up the couch, followed by Kent and Vyxsin. Kisha and Jen arrive just after them, making pretty good time. Jen thinks she might end up barfing on the couch.

Gary and Mallory only have four minutes left and way too much food. The Cowboys arrive at the library and decide to do the couch, a smart move when they’re behind. Gary and Mallory’s time expires as she apologizes for not finishing. She offers to throw up and try it again, but he wants to go find the couch. That was a quick and easy offer of hers. Is that how she managed her pageant figure?


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