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The Amazing Race, April 17 – The Biggest Wiener I'll Ever Eat

Somehow the Cowboys were able to recover from their great slipup last week in not double-checking to make sure their flight was the fastest one. The Globetrotters came back quite well too, going from coming in last on the previous leg, to coming in first on this leg. These teams are making this a very exciting season!

The Globetrotters are the first team to leave Varanasi, India, at 2:07 AM. Their clue tells them to use one of the named travel agencies, then fly to Vienna, Austria, and get into a brand new Ford Focus to get their next clue. Wow. Another product placement? All the Snapple references in India weren’t enough? Big Easy is excited to go to Austria, as that’s where The Terminator comes from. This makes Flight Time launch into a very bad impression. Big Time tries it as well with an “I’ll Be Back,” which Flight Time answers with, “but not to India hopefully.”

The next team to leave are Zev and Justin at 2:12 AM. The Globetrotters get to a travel agency with Zev and Justin right on their heels. They tell the agent they want to get to Vienna just like the Globetrotters, “but faster.” Kisha and Jen leave at 2:53 AM, and Jen says she’s enjoying running the race with her sister. They were raised by a single mom, so the sisters took care of each other and had each other’s backs. Jen explains that since Kisha is her siste, “I can’t get rid of her, per se.” That’s an odd statement to make.

Gary and Mallory leave at 3:30 AM. She notes that this is leg eight, the same one that did them in on their last season. Is this going to be one of those ominous statements that bites the racers in the butt? They want to be one of the teams crossing the finish line instead of the ones on the sideline clapping.

The Cowboys are next to leave, getting their clue five minutes later. They recognize that they dodged a bullet on the last leg, but are still hoping for fewer and fewer mistakes the further they go in the race. They’re looking to leave the country, as Cord says they’re done playing Cowboys and Indians.

Kent and Vyxsin leave at 3:44 AM. They know they’re the only dating couple left, and she says a romantic relationship on the Race is a little different, as it gets to a point where you just want to tell the other person, “Get away from me!” I’m guessing the siblings, friends, and parent/child teams feel the sane way.

The Globetrotters are told by a travel agent they can arrive at 6AM, yet also get a choice of arriving at 5:35 AM after a stopover in Delhi. The other teams are all told the same thing. When Gary and Mallory arrive, Kisha and Jen tell the agent the other team wants to get there very, very late.

Jet and Cord arrive and are told they can arrive at 6:00 PM. While we’re all worried that it’s about to happen again to them, Jet explains that they found out every flight out of there that has a connection has been delayed twenty-five or thirty minutes. They don’t think it’s worth the risk and decide to stick with the known entity of 6:00. However, if they get delayed twenty-five minutes, they’d still get there at the same time. Additionally, it’s never good to separate from the pack like that.

Kent and Vyxsin arrive and start bickering right away. He threatens to stomp on her face, and she threatens to kick him in the head. Mallory just sits and laughs at them. I don’t know which of those three is more disturbing.

Someone, possibly Gary, notes as everyone but the Cowboys leave, that they’re probably going to be working very hard after getting stranded the day before. The Cowboys mention that this risk is either going to make them win big or lose big.

At 5:35 PM, the first team arrives as scheduled. They did not get delayed at all. They race to their Ford Focuses and see a video with Phil on a screen inside the car. They’re told to put the car into reverse to activate the new backup camera that will show their next clue. He also alerts them that the winners of this leg will each win a Ford Focus. They see letters that spell out Schloss Schallaburg, a castle, where they will get their next clue.


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