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Top Chef: Masters 3 – Ep 2 – Joan Holloway Makes Up For No Padma

Quickfire Hits
• Beast is known as the “meat lady” which seems like a nickname most would not boast about.
• John is trying to show the talents of the South in the kitchen. Is there anyone out there at this point that doubts there are great chefs in the South? Especially New Orleans.
• Suvir was boasting about his shoes. I don’t really know why, but he was. Granted, those were some cool looking shoes.
• Floyd had never even heard of ambrosia. One wonders if he knows much about Greek mythology. That makes his dish all the more impressive.
• John thought his oysters random draw was a “fastball down the middle.” He just missed hitting that homer too. It was interesting watching an expert picking out oysters in Whole Food, though.
• Sue has already made duck a l’orange before, which makes the result all the more disappointing.
• Mary Sue got hit last week for making a safe, familiar cupcake. Kudos to her for branching out and doing something aggressive and creative this time.
• Celina’s restaurant is called Julian – a combination of two inspirations, Julia Child and her grandfather Julian. Or, it is named after her grandfather. I’m just saying.
• Beast, the meat lady, has now made two desserts for elimination challenges. Potentially bodes well for her down the road.
• Cool moment – in the chaotic kitchen, Mary Sue plated her winning dish on a shelf under the table!
• Christina has a cool, goofy Natalie Portman-esque laugh. As if she needed more ways to be appealing.
• Nice moment from Stone– as Sue choked up while serving her incomplete dish, “We haven’t tasted it yet, it might be delicious.” Alas.
• Extra scene – Suvir owns a farm or a ranch and uses some long gun to scare off the predators. Presumably in different shoes.
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