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Top Chef: Masters 3 – Ep 2 – Joan Holloway Makes Up For No Padma

Elimination Challenge – Reinvent a 60s dish which is picked out randomly in a number draw. Chefs make the reinvented dish as well as the traditonal dish, but in appetizer form. Christina and Jeff will host a cocktail party, the chefs will cater it. Bert, Ruth, Dany and Stone will judge it.

John – Oysters Rockefeller – Mignonette Pickled Oyster, Horseradish Crème Fraiche, Collars and Spicy Bacon – Christina found it comforting and warm, as Ruth wonders how anyone could want the original when presented the reinvent. The actor that plays Kinsey on Mad Men comes over and admits to not understanding the difference between the oyster dishes. Christina rightly mocks him.

Mary Sue – Deviled Eggs – Japanese Style Poached Egg with Umeboshi and Mustard Miso Mayonnaise – Christina doesn’t really see the original in there, but it was amazing. Bert agrees.

George – Chickan a la King – Roasted Chicken Breast, Lemon Yogurt and Vegetables. Dany found the modern much better, but Ruth wonders if the bread was too soggy, but Bert thought that part as the best.

Traci – Beef Stroganoff – Steak Tartare and Fried Noodles – Dany loved the spice and the noodle. Christina thought it missed the traditional mushroom flavor. Jeff also was disappointed by overpowering noodle flavor.

Suvir – Veal Oscar – Fried Veal with Mint, Cilantro, and Tomato Chutney and Asparagus Salad. Dany felt it was cooked a while ago, as it was dried out. Christina called it “one bland note.”

Sue – Duck a l’orange – Crispy Duck Breast, Spicy Blood Orange Gastrique and Pineapple Mango Salad. Bert felt bad about her ordeal in the kitchen. Dany loved the pineapple, and regrets that the “cracklin” that Sue failed to put on the plate would have made a big difference.

Celina – Coq Au Vin – Chicken Frissee Salad, Pickled Shallots and Carrots, Bacon Vinaigrette Christina makes yummy sounds and loves the flavor, but Bert isn’t as much of a fan.

Unibrow – Beef Wellington – Filet Mignon, Mushroom Espuma and Crisp Puff Pastry Ring – Ruth doesn’t get what these three things are doing together. Instead of marrying the ingredients, he divorced them.

Floyd – Ambrosia Salad – Grilled Peppered Pineaple with Mango, Coconut and Orange Custard – Ruth now makes yummy sounds. Christina thought it was whimsical. Jeff likes it so much, he tips his hat to it and says “good day to you sir.” I guess this is the charm that helped him get with Christina.

Alex – Bread Pudding – Chai-Spiced Custard, Panette and Roasted Apple Salad I think I misspelled one word there, and it wasn’t apple. Christina thought it was all sauce. Ruth condemned Alex’ excuse of not ever making bread pudding before, as it is “Cooking 101.”

Beast – Grasshopper Pie – Chocolate Mint Souffle Cake with Toasted Kirsch Marshmallow – Christina thought the mint tasted a bit off, while Bert made some cocktail party joke I didn’t get.

JUDGES TABLE – Actually, on this show it is “Critics’ Table.”
John, Mary Sue and Floyd get the Top Three. Bert thought they were all out of the park, and Ruth was blown away by them all. John was well-executed and exquisite. Floyd made a “chef’s version of a horrible classic” and they loved his nod to 60s classic fondue by making you dip the fruit into the custard. Mary Sue’s recipe was desired by Stone who would be proud to serve it anywhere. Mary Sue wins the 10 grand prize for No Kid Hungry.

At the bottom are Sue, Alex and Suvir. Sue didn’t serve her whole dish. Dany regrets Sue’s decision to help others so much. Bert agreed. Ruth says there was no difference between the original and the reinvent. Suvir’s veal was like shoe leather, and Dany found it to be too big a serving size. Alex’s was just bad.

Bert said he was able to eat Sue’s, but the others not so much, especially Alex’ dish. Overall, Suvir’s idea seemed to help him out, and it seemed as if Alex would go from first to worst based on the inedible aspects of the dish. Usually the kiss of death. But Sue goes home, presumably due to the plating failures.