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American Idol 10, April 13 –True Artists Starting to Emerge

Jimmy calls Jacob Lusk to task for preaching to the audience last week, telling them they were afraid to look at themselves in the mirror. He’s thinking of two songs this week, Impossible Dream and You’ll Never Walk Alone. He sings Impossible Dream first, but has no voice behind it, which is odd for him. Jimmy doesn’t think he needs to do corny right now. Jimmy suggests he sing Bridge Over Troubled Water, from the Pursuit of Happyness. Jacob decides to go with it. I do like this song on him, but nothing can match what Clay did with it back in season two. And that vibrato is back, too. I thought we’d killed it.

Steven bangs the desk, then gets beeped as he swears. How much of himself Jacob puts into a song is phenomenal. It’s astounding to him how angelic he sings. His crescendos and innuendos and what he puts in is incredible. The last three notes and how well he fit in with the choir is incredible. God bless him and his voice.

Jennifer asks who does that, saying she can’t even hear that note. He’s such a gifted vocalist, and it comes from the place it’s supposed to come from. She didn’t want him to give her the chills, but he pulled them out of her anyway. Randy tells him what happens to him when he sings is that he believes him, every word. A great singer takes every word and it comes out so special. He liked they he let it marinate, then blew it up at the end. He tells Ryan he’s been in situations like that before when he needed someone to lay down and cover him and feels like that right now,

James Durbin is singing Sammy Hagar’s Heavy Metal from the movie by the same name. Jimmy hates it, asking when the hook comes in. James means no disrespect to them, but says he knows what’s best for him, and it’s the song he’s going to do. He has such a deep-seated passion for his music, that he wants to make the decisions both good and bad. He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his passion. He tells Jimmy he can’t hear the potential of a song just by hearing it on the piano. Jimmy doesn’t like that. will.i.am tells him he’s had that same conversation with his producers.

James wants America to give Metal a chance, and says he’s going to make arm bands and flyers for it. He comes out and totally rocks it off the stage. He even steps up on the judges’ table and sings right in their faces. I think James was right, just like Casey and Scotty were. It’s why they’re frontrunners. They know who they are. At the end, he runs over and high fives a young boy in the audience and says the song was for him.

Jennifer tells James that it felt really, really real. She loved it. She doesn’t know what the performances sound like at home, but believes they are killing it dead. Who would have ever thought on American Idol they’d have heavy metal? At the end of the day we can have a pop idol, a country idol, and a heavy metal idol. it’s America’s Choice.

Randy says we were just at a James Durbin concert tonight with one of the great guitarists in the world, the great Zach Wild who plays with Ozzy. It is unbelievable, and he’s happy he stuck to his guns. They always say to the kids, “do you” and tonight he did. hopefully American will bring metal back, as he can see him onstage with Avenge Seven Fold and Ozzy at the next Oz Fest. “Durbin Rocks.” Steven asks James, “You just had to get that out, didn’t you?” James’ answer is that they wanted it and asked for it. America asked for it. Steven is also happy with what he said to Jimmy and is glad he got it out.

There’s a definite separation happening this season. The judges are right that it’s a season filled with artists, and the artists are starting to get comfortable and know what they should do. They’re going against Jimmy Iovine, which doesn’t make him happy, but is definitely what they need to do. Those three are safe tonight, and are safe because they know who they are as artists.

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