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American Idol 10, April 13 –True Artists Starting to Emerge

Scotty McCreery is singing Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout It for Jimmy and will.i.am and addresses them as “dude.” Jimmy calls him on it, and will.i.am says he’s a mentor, you can’t dude him. Scotty changes his song to I Cross My Heart from from Pure Country. He’s going back to his roots, as it’s a song he grew up with. Jimmy thinks his other choice was better. Scotty does a great job on this, but also left no doubt he would have done well with his other song choice.

Steven tells Scotty he just loves his voice and thinks America does as well. He picked a great song once again. Jennifer says everyone wants the judges to be tough with them, but the truth is they’re all so damned good. All she wants to say is wow. It wasn’t her favorite song choice, but he still performed it beautifully. Randy loves him singing George Strait. His motto is if it ain’t broke, don’t even consider changing it. He tells America to look at him, as a star is born on this stage. They saw it when Scotty auditioned, and he’s grown ginormously since then.

It’s Casey Abrams getting stool chat with Ryan this time. Ryan mentions someone told him on the radio that they went to a place Casey used to frequent, Cafe Roma. Casey says the restaurant has a couch in it, and he would order this thing with a side of six meatballs. Now they make a special dinner in his honor.

Originally Casey was going to sing Nature Boy from The Boy With the Green Hair. It’s hard to define him as an artist, but Jimmy thinks the song makes him small. Casey switches it to Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight. He knows it will make a good show, but he doesn’t want to lose himself. Jimmy is worried everyone is just doing songs to make them win.

Casey decides to stick with Nature Boy and knows he wouldn’t be comfortable with the other. Jimmy says if you’re going to win the show, you better take the help, and Casey chose not to, so he hopes he’s right. It’s another song with his upright bass. It’s so different an unbelievably cool. I am so glad he stuck to his guns, as this is so much more Casey than Phil Collins. Good for him.

After a judges’ standing ovation, it’s clear he made the right choice. Jennifer tells Casey at the beginning, she was nervous, but as it went on she started thinking that what’s beautiful about this season is they have gospel, pop, rock, country, and jazz. He doesn’t have to be a pop star, and can be Norah Jones and have a jazz album that sells 17 million copies and wins multiple Grammys. The music crosses the boundaries and touches people. She hopes America got it.

Randy believes Jenifer is right, as what’s different this season is they have true artists. He doesn’t think they’ve ever had anyone like Casey. He believes this season is about education and embracing who you are. Randy can see him making a Buble type of record. He thought it was brilliant and genius. It makes him as an artist proud to sit there and judge artists as well as pop stars.

Steven tells him he is an artist in the true sense of the word. He took a Nat King Cole song Steven’s momma sang to him as a baby. He sang what was in his heart, no matter what Jimmy said, and that’s the true sense of an artist. He also compares him to Sting. Backstage afterwards, it’s hard for Casey to even control his emotions over what he just did. And that right there is why he was right to sing that.

Jimmy is thrilled Haley Reinhart is in this competition, as she’s a slow starter, but she’s charging now and coming on so strong. She feels she’s growing as an artist, too, with all the producers around. it’s crazy to think there are only two girls left. She knows she has to find that niche. She’s singing Call Me from American Gigolo. Jimmy and will.i.am tell her she has to hit the notes as it shows her pipes. Jimmy wants her to transform herself into a character as powerful as Debbie Harry. She’s a little off to begin the song, but finds the right notes as she hits the chorus. It’s one of her weaker performances.

Randy saw the same thing I did, saying he didn’t love it in the beginning, but she starting getting into it at the end. It felt karaoke for him, and he’s not sure if it was the type of thing to show who she was. Steven agrees, but feels she always nails choruses, and this song is just like that. He also loves what she’s wearing. Jennifer loves it when she starts wailing at the end, but if she’s going to be honest, she agrees more with Randy. She doesn’t want to say anything about one of the girls, though, as she doesn’t want another girl to go home. But it wasn’t her best after two killer performances like she just gave.


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