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American Idol 10, April 13 –True Artists Starting to Emerge

Nigel Lythgoe is tweeting that tonight’s show, with a theme of songs from the movies, is a good one. It will be interesting to see afterwards how many people are still talking about Pia Toscano. I’m guessing it won’t be as much of an issue.

Ryan Seacrest starts off the show congratulating Jennifer for being named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine. He calls Marc Anthony lucky. Even though they promised Jennifer they wouldn’t embarrass her, the lights dim with a spotlight on her, and “the most beautiful girl in the world” starts playing.

Paul McDonald is up first and mentions that every week when he chooses a song, he treats it like it’s his encore. This week his encore is Old Time Rock ‘n Roll. will.i.am is back as mentor, and he and Jimmy Iovine ask if Paul is going to come busting onto the stage in his underwear. Jimmy isn’t sure that’s a great idea, but would like to see him beatbox or something. will.i.am disagrees, saying a drum beat doesn’t fit in there at all. Paul just knows this is a song that you have to move around to, and he wants to leave America happy. It’s not his underwear, but another flowery suit for him tonight as he takes the stage with a lot of energy. He jams it out with a female sax player who comes out just for a beat or two.

Steven Tyler predictably asks about the sax player, then asks to borrow the suit when he goes back on tour. He loves the crazy wild abandonment and how it transcends to an audience. That’s the secret, as what he got back from them says it all. Jennifer feels every time Paul comes out he’s going further and further. It’s like watching a diamond in the rough getting more polished a little more every week. Randy tells America they just witnessed the first number at the Paul McDonald concert. He likes the whole Porter Wagoner throwback suit he’s wearing too.

Lauren Alaina is singing The Climb from Hannah Montana the Movie. Jimmy tells her she is a much, much stronger singer than Miley Cyrus and wants her to do better than her, but Lauren isn’t comfortable hearing that. She picked the song because it’s about a young girl struggling to reach her dreams. Jimmy wants her to steal the the votes that Pia lost. will.i.am thinks she’ll bring the house down. Lauren has a much better outfit on this week than last week. It’s a very fitting song for her and the type of music she should be singing.

Jennifer tells Lauren she loved hearing her sing that. She loves that tear she has in her voice and always feel like she wants her to go further. She sang it so beautifully she doesn’t need to steal anyone’s votes, as she’ll be getting plenty of her own. Randy loves that the Lauren they first saw in Nashville is roaring back. She made this song sound like it was written for her. Steven tells her she was the first Idol they thought of when everyone was auditioning. He loves what she brings to a song and what a song brings to her. Every time he hears her voice in a song, it’s just beautiful, and she brings him to tears again. Lauren feels this song is perfect for what she’s doing right now.

Stefano Langone gets stool chat with Ryan. He is focused tonight on the thought that what separates the good performers from the great ones is a good performance. That’s his goal moving forward. He was at peace with being in the bottom three, and knows it was a tough night for America as it was for him.

Jimmy and will.i.am tell Stefano not to take the copout of thinking he can’t win at this point. Jimmy has always believed he could win. He’s singing End of the Road by Boyz II Men from the movie Boomerang, It’s probably not a good song title to sing considering. His goal is to connect with the audience and start fresh. This is such a better song for him and is definitely what he should be singing. He has a killer note at the end.

Randy tells Stefano that he is sure his buddy from Boyz II Men is gong to text him any minute and tell him his man Stefano just slayed the song. He’s happy that Stefano now believes. It was the best move at the best time and Randy thinks it’s his best song on this stage to date.

Steven tells Stefano he proved tonight he knows how to milk a song. It’s so not the end of the road for him. It’s just the beginning. Jennifer tells him he’s got it. He’s absolutely right that it’s about being a good performer. A few weeks ago she told him to stop singing to stay, but sing to win. She tells him that was the … it’s bleeped out, but it’s pretty clear she just called this the shit.


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