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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 7 – Where Are All Of The Holy Men?

Route Markers
• Is the Parent-Child dynamic the new all-Female theme? Garlory talking about being the first to win is very KNat like from last season. I find that an interesting quirk, but really not the same impact as the all-female win.
• Did Kent really ask at the airport, “Can you buy airplane tickets at the airport?” Really?
• I think the Cowboys made their airport error for only one reason – the company was called JET Airways.
• Why does Big Easy have a band-aid on his head? What happened to the big guy?
• Kent getting whacked in the head by the trunk door – quite funny. Also, not a big fan of “bro” and it just doesn’t seem right to hear it come from the mouth of a guy wearing makeup.
• Flight Time on India – “If you push the gas, the horn blows in India. In the States, the only time people drive like this, there are helicopters overhead and three or four police behind.” Heh.
• Note to all future Racers – taxicabs in most countries like India, or the Middle East, or Africa, or whatnot do not have constant full tanks. In fact, they don’t fill it until they have a fare. I love you guys, but that’s the reality of it. They just can’t afford to fill it for no reason.
• Love the random animals in the street – especially the cows that get rear ended by the taxis.
• Vixen – “there are cars, motorcycles, tractors, cows, lions, tigers and bears.” Oh my. I wish there were some flying monkeys too.
• I love how Big Easy seems to do his own play by play of what’s going on – cab ride, challenges, etc. Future job for the big guy?
• Is the meaning of life really “once you’re over the hill, you pick up speed?” That sounds like something I had in my take out cookie. I prefer to think the meaning of life is “42.”
• Poor Zev – India must be rough on the autistic. LOTS of noise, tons of people, the sounds, the smells, it’s amazing he didn’t snap. I think I would snap and I don’t have a disease to deal with. The earplugs given by Mal Mal helped…wait, Mal Mal? When did that nickname pop up?
• At the clue box, I kind of wish the task involved the mostly naked wrestling. That would have been quite funny. Especially if they had to battle the guy who looked like the Iron Sheik.
• Cord on why they are so tough – it’s what they are trained to do in the rodeo – “You don’t get paid unless you win.”
• Love the Cowboys noticing that they came halfway around the world to haul hay.
• Great job by the Trotters pulling a worst to first run. If anyone can out physical, and out unforce error the Cowboys, it is the Trotters.
• Daily affirmation with Mallory – India, OMG, is like death celebrated. It’s not like Africa, not like other parts of India, it’s like another planet.
• On my list of things never to do – piss off Jen over how to make crap patties. Boy, it goes to show that sisters will fight over anything.
• Hysterical coincidence of the week – Mallory wore the same outfit last season in Russia while dealing with cow crap. If you see Mallory in this outfit back home – go somewhere else. Crap will be about to happen.
• What was worse – Kent giving Vixen his backpack, or Kent freaking out when she jumped in the Ganges to get a new taxi? Man, that Vixen is one tough chick. And now she is also cleansed of sins. Well, not all of them. One is still hanging around.
• No mystery on the elimination – you could see the difference in the light of day, the only question would be if Ron and Chris would be saved by a non-elim. Sadly for them, not to be, and they are eliminated for the first time in two races.

Roadblock – Find a series of six holy men to match photos in a crowded marketplace, take a piece of a message and figure out the clue. Kent, Big Easy, Jen, Gary, Ron, Justin, Cord.

DetourFeed the Fire – teams cross the Ganges and make 50 round patties out of buffalo crap and hay, of the correct size, stick them to a wall to bake, and then light a fire using some already-dried patties. Or, Feed the Buffalo – Cross the Ganges, grab some hay and deliver them. Seriously, how was this not a crazy obvious choice to make? Buffalo– Zev/Justin, Trotters, Cowboys, and Ron/Chris. Fire – Sisters, Goths, Garlory

Order of Finish – Trotters (trip to Hawaii), Zev/Justin, Sisters, Garlory, Cowboys, Goths and Ron/Christina (ELIMINATED)

Next Week – Austria. An eating challenge for Garlory – likely a Fast Forward. And more Goth fighting.

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