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The Amazing Race, April 10 – The Crap You Do for a Million Dollars

Meanwhile, Cord has caught up and has finished the Roadblock in sixth place. Christina knew they’d catch up, but was hoping it wouldn’t affect them. She’s just hoping her dad is staying calm. Ron is having a hard time finding the clues and seems to be way out of his way. He goes back and retraces his steps to see what he missed. He finally finds his second clue.

Zev and Justin and The Globetrotters start their deliveries, as Kisha and Jen start making poop patties. As they gag, a lot of local kids laugh at them. The Goth Couple arrive and decide to Feed the Fire, as Gary and Mallory decide to do the same. Mallory says this is so different that Kolkata, and she has never seen a place before where death is so celebrated. She refers to it as another planet.

Ron finally gets all his clues, and he and Christina take off for the Deetour. Zev and Justin make their delivery, as the Globetrotters do as well, singing, “Running With Hay … in the middle of India.” The cows eat the hay off their bales as they walk through. Kisha and Jen tell the kids watching that it’s all for them. Kisha doesn’t think Jen is making them the right size and she thinks they should split the task.

Zev and Justin get their hay delivered and get their next clue, to head to Ramnagar Fort, the pit stop for this leg of the race. The Globetrotters make their deliery as well and feel from last to first would be a good turnaround. Jet and Cord arrive at the conditioning club and Jet tells the wrestlers, “Keep wearing yourselves out guys. We’ll be there in a minute.” They decide to Feed the Buffalo and revel at the fact they came all the way to India just to carry hay.

Jen and Kisha are still working on their fifty patties. They are told it’s not right as the patty judge picks off all the ones she doesn’t feel meet the standards. They finally get it right and head to the stove to start the fire and warm the milk. Finishing that, they take off for the pit stop.

Kent is complaining that he can’t keep up with Vyxsin because he’s carrying the bag. They get to the pile of manure and start making their patties. Gary and Mallory arrive as well, as she asks what is the deal with cow manure? She worked with manure in Russia as well. As it looks to be the same outfit she work the other time as well, she claims it’s going in the trash, as she know the next time she wears it, cow manure will be involved.

The Globetrotters and Zev and Justin run into the pit stop. The Globetrotters make it there first and win a trip for two to Hawaii. The past few days they’ve struggled, so to come in first, it makes them forget about the other pain. They want to ride this streak all the way to the championship. Zev and Justin arrive on the mat for second place. A few years ago, Zev doesn’t think he’d have been able to do this. It was a lot to take in, and he’s proud of himself for taking it in.

Jet and Cord get their bales of hay and take off. Ron and Christina arrive and decide to Feed the Buffalos. The others are working on their cow patties. The Goth Cople think they’re done, but get some pulled off by the judge. She does the same to Gary and Mallory’s. The Goth Couple’s patties finally pass, and they start building their fire, as Gary and Mallory get theirs passed as well. The Goth Cople finish and head to the pit stop, and Gary and Mallory are right behind them.

Jet and Cord work on their delivery, as Ron and Christina are picking up their hay. The Goth Couple ask directions to the pit stop and are irritated at the guy on the boat not taking them right away. They call him psycho and want him to take them back. She jumps in the water and tries to pull the boat back herself, as he calls her insane. The get back to shore, as he tells her, “You better get a grip, Sis.” They head to the street to catch a taxi. Kisha and Jen arrive for team number three.

The Cowboys finish their delivery and get the clue to head to the pit stop. Ron and Christina make their delivery and get the clue to the pit stop as well. Gary and Mallory arrive on Phil’s mat to be named team number four. The Goth Couple are trying to flag down a taxi, as the Cowboys run into the pit stop to be named team number five. Cord mentions every time they have a chance to bust it and get back in the race by pure grit and trial, it’s all good.

Ron and Christina are taking the water taxi, as it’s the fastest way to get to the pit stop. They’re hoping no one else thinks of it. Well, the Goth Couple did, but they didn’t stick with it. The Goth Couple finally gets a taxi and tries to kick out the passenger that’s already in there. I think their pink and black couture scared the guy.

Both teams make it and start running in, but it’s Kent and Vyxsin who are the first team to make it to Phl’s mat. He tells them it was close, as Kent calls it too close for comfort.

Ron and Christina run in, and Phil tells them they are the last to arrive. He eliminates them as she cries. He calls it a grand ride and a gift to come back for a second chance before Christina gets married next year. He carries no regrets, but a lot of memories. Christna calls them closer after the experience and says they’ll never forget the memories they made together.

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