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The Amazing Race, April 10 – The Crap You Do for a Million Dollars

Making a great comeback are the Globetrotters who reach the Roadblock next. Big Easy will be doing this one. Kisha and Jen arrive next with Jen deciding to do it, as Mallory and Gary arrive with Gary happily taking it on. Ron and Christina run in with him volunteering. Zev and Justin arrive with Justin agreeing to do it as the Cowboys’ flight arrives … “way late.”

Kent finds one of the holy men and asks for a clue, but he instead has found the one he is supposed to give his answer to at the end. Big Easy finds a holy man and the clue “the.” Jen gets the same thing as they start working together. They get the clue “you’re over” next. Ron is having a hard time finding the holy men. Justin thinks the holy men look like “anorexic Santa Claus.” He gets the first clue of “the.”

Kent gets the clue of “pick” as Gary and Justin do as well. Kent tells Gary he found the guy at the finish of this, and if he helps him find more, he’ll show him where the finish is. He promises “I won’t screw ya.” That seems to be a rather ominous statement, like the Cowboys’ one earlier not wanting to make any more mistakes.

The Cowboys just want to see some other teams. They figure the others are thirty minutes to an hour ahead of them. Kent is following Gary, but thinks he doesn’t know what he’s doing. “When in doubt, follow Gary.” Jen thinks all the holy men look alike. She gets the next clue “speed up.” Big Easy gets the clue “hill you.” Justin is trying to make sure he doesn’t miss any so that he’ll have to go back, and finds “once.” Ron finds his first one “pick.” Jen finds her last one.

Zev is bothered by the crowds and noise and states he doesn’t like this place. He feels his ears are too sensitive to all the noise. Mallory gives him some ear plugs, and he finds it to help a lot.

Jen finds the last holy man and and is the first get the phrase right to pass the Roadblock. Big Easy and Justin both try to fnd the same guy and work together and find him. Big Easy takes him to the end where he knows it is. Kisha and Jen’s next next clue sends them to find the Swaminath Akhara, a wrestling and strength conditioning club. They have to find the strong man to get the next clue.

Justin gets this Roadblock finished, as does Big Easy. Both teams take off. Christina, Mallory, and Vixsin see the cowboys’ hats in the crowd and realize Jet and Cord have made it. The three women are concerned, as Vyxsin says the Cowboys are just so efficient, as we go back to a moment from their last race of Phil telling them they are the first team to come in last place in a non-elimination, face a speed bump, and come in in first place.

Cord decides to do this task and knows how fast you run will be how fast you get through the Roadblock, but he doesn’t want to run so fast he misses anything. He gets the first phrase pretty quickly. He and Jet are used to being in competitions where they don’t get paid if they don’t win. He gets the second one right away as Ron is coming up empty in his search for his second.

Kent and Gary pick up the last clue as Kent takes off and doesn’t take Gary with him to the last holy man like he promised. He says he doesn’t feel badly, as their co-dependency was kind of over. I’m pretty sure Gary doesn’t feel the same. Mallory nails Kent on it and asks where her dad is. Kent says he’s right behind him, but she knows that means he got the clue and didn’t follow up on his promise.

Gary gets the clue figured out, and he and Mallory take off. Kisha and Jen are navigating streets looking for the conditioning club, as the others are dong the same. The Globetrotters and Zev and Justin find it first. They get a Detour – Feed the Fire or Feed the Buffalo. In Feed the Fire, the teams will make fifty fuel patties out of buffalo manure, then slap on a wall to dry in the sun. After those are approved, they’ll load a stove with the patties and light a fire to warm milk for the children. In Feed the Buffalo, teams will cross the Granga, pick up a large load of hay, cross the Granga again, and deliver to the right address.

Zev and Justin decide to Feed the Buffalo, as do the Globetrotters. Kisha and Jen finally get there and one of them says they don’t know what the strongman is doing, but they want to get out of his way. They decide to Feed the Fire. The Globetrotters and Zev and Justin reach the hay and pick up two bundles and take off.


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