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The Amazing Race, April 10 – The Crap You Do for a Million Dollars

The Amazing Race had quite the momentum building up over the season only to take a week off last week for the Country Music Awards. In case you forgot, it was Margie and Luke who were voted out last time. Remember?

It was Gary and Mallory who arrived on Phil’s mat first, and won a feast and some Indian entertainment on behalf of Snapple. They’re leaving the Kolkata, India, pit stop first tonight at 1:18 PM. Their clue tells them to fly to Varanasi, India, to make their way to a Tonga Stand. Mallory mentions this is the first time in both of their seasons they’ve left a pit stop in first place. They want to be the first parent/child team to win the Race, and she knows they have what it takes.

The next to leave are Jet and Cord at 1:52 PM, as they mention that the compettion keeps getting tougher and the game more intense. Their game plan from the beginning has been to eliminate mistakes, and the last few legs they feel they’ve been doing that. Let’s hope that statement doesn’t turn out to bite them in the butt. Ron and Christina leave one minute later, and Zev and Justin one minute after that.

Zev calls India a little too much for him because of the crowds. He’s ready to leave, but he’s going to suck it up for a million dollars. He suggests the city should be renamed Kolkrowded. Kent and Vyxsin leave at 1:55 PM, and he asks the cabdriver if they can buy airplane tickets at the airport. The last time they were in India they were eliminated, and this time are hoping for better look.

Kisha and Jen leave at 2:03 PM and are deciding to look for tickets at the airport. That’s where Gary and Mallory are, as they hear the earliest flight goes through Delhi and arrives at Varanasi at 10:45 AM. They reserve two tickets on that flight. Ron and Christina grab tickets for the same flight, through Kingfisher. Zev and Justin book this as well, as do Kisha and Jen.

Kent and Vyxsin go to a travel agency and get the same flight. The Cowboys, however, find tickets that arrive at 11:45 AM on Jet Airways. They’re just assuming it’s the earliest flight without checking further. Cord says the way he was raised, if someone looks him straight in the eye and tells him something, he’s going to take their word for it. Yet, there’s the reason for that ominous mention earlier about not making mistakes.

While they wait, Ron is of course hungry again, and he and Christina hit a restaurant, as he says he is just savoring the time before she gets married. Flight Time and Big Easy are the last to leave at 3:45 PM. They’re happy to have not been eliminated in the last leg and are hoping to move up to the top three in this leg. Gary and Mallory visit an Internet cafe and read up on everything they can about Varanasi, including River Ganga. The Globetrotters get the 10:45 flight as well.

The Kingfisher flight lands in Delhi, and no one can figure out why they haven’t seen the Cowboys, who are marveling as well about not seeing any other teams. While they’re standing alone looking at the board, they realize that Kingfisher had an earlier flight, and they start to wonder if that’s where all the other teams are. Mallory can’t figure this one out. The Cowboys are realizing they have a long day ahead if they’re an hour behind all the others. It’s reminding them of their last season when they had to return to the boat and get the clue they missed.

The Kingfisher flight lands, and the teams all board taxis headed for Tonga. Kent takes a nasty hit to his head when he’s putting his luggage in the trunk, and tells the driver to warn him next time, but the driver clearly didn’t do anything wrong. Flight Time lets everyone know that when you push the gas, the horn blows in India. Zev and Justin’s driver stops for gas, as Justin asks how you pick someone up from the airport with no gas.

Ron and Christina get redirected by police, and she tries to ask if it will be very long now, but the driver isn’t answering. The Goth Couple is interested in the elephant they see walking down the middle of the street. Jen tells their driver not to let them people behind him get by, as Big Easy becomes a backseat driver. They pass Kisha and Jen.

The Goth Couple reach the Tonga Stand first and find a Roadblock. One member from each team will use pictures as reference to search for six holy men who will each hand them a clue. They will then rearrange the words to find the meaning of life and will receive the next clue when they give a seventh holy man the correct phrase. Kent decides to do this one and believes Time Square has nothing on the Tonga Stand intersection.


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