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American Idol 10, April 7 – Second Results Shocker of Season

The folks at TMZ gave some media training to the Idols. They tell Paul if he gets arrested, he needs to add water to his hair to like Mel Gibson. James is advised he needs to compose himself, unlike when he saw Hulk Hogan. They compare him to a teeny bopper seeing Justin Bieber. Haley is told she could do a lipstick endorsement. Stefano is told his Twitter page is boring and needs to start referring to himself as @Stefano. Lauren is reminded of her fall down the stairs, repeatedly, and Scotty is reminded about his funny looks. Pia needs to protect her image

It’s the Idols’ chance to ask questions, as Jacob wants to know if anyone is single. One of the women says she is … if he wins the show. They’re asked what they would say if they’re asked who they’re dating, and Casey would say, “Your mom.” Touché. They are not supposed to answer the question about Ryan wearing platform shoes. Good to know.

It’s the last of the results. James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, and Jacob Lusk take center stage. Jacob looks like he’s about to puke. James is the first to be called safe. Haley is next, as Jacob is put in the bottom three. The judges and crowd are shocked, as he obviously had a reason for his panicked look earlier.

Iggy Pop is out next to entertain the crowd. He’s dancing and singing without a shirt on. He runs over to dance with Haley and the other Idols, then runs back to sing some more. Now we know why the cameras looked different all night. They have to bleep several parts of the song. They must be running on delay.

With the bottom three are at center stage, Ryan scares the crap out of Jacob telling him he will be leaving them … for the safety of the couches. The person voted out is Pia. Stefano is shocked more than anyone else. Randy is yelling no, no at the camera, and starts to say something with an F. The crowd is booing.

Jennifer can’t speak as she’s crying, and says she has no idea what happensd. She’s shocked and angry. Randy says she’s one of the best singers in it. He says, though, that no one is ever safe. You have to vote for who you love. Steven says a mistake is one thing, but a lack of passion is another thing. That’s right, Steven, but the thing is Pia never showed us her passion, so it’s hard for us to show her ours. He mentions she’s beautiful when she sings and a bird.

They give Pia another chance to sing, and she chooses to sing I’ll Stand By You. The Idols are in shock. James is rubbing Stefano’s shoulder trying to make him feel better. Every single one of them is crying as they approach the stage waiting to say goodbye to her. Jacob wraps her up in his big arms when she’s done singing. It’s very tender and heartwarming. It’s a shame she was never able to show this emotion until too late.

Pia should have taken a lesson from LaToya London. It’s not okay to just have a good voice. The American Idol voters want more than that. They want to feel a part of this process with you. They want to feel your joy, and they want to feel your pain. Pia never showed us what she felt, and in the process, all the other Idols were. James was wiping his tears into his tie the other night. That’s how much he feels. We recognize that and repay the favor by not sending him to the bottom three.

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