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American Idol 10, April 7 – Second Results Shocker of Season

Today is going to be a tough one. The easy four have already been eliminated from American Idol, with a close call for Casey Abrams. Now the choices aren’t so easy. The song choices and performances start to mean more and more. It could be a nail-biter looking at the bottom three, waiting to see who will be eliminated, especially knowing that there is no save left.

It’s a rock medley tonight with the group, starting off with I Love Rock ‘n Roll. Pia sings this way better than she’s done anything non-ballad so far. It dissolves into The Letter, an Idol staple, although usually as a solo and not a group effort. Sweet Home Alabama is next, and they do a great combo back and forth between that and I Love Rock ‘n Roll.

The Ford Music Video this week is Love Gun, with the Idols all having various things to do in an office building from executives to the cleaning crew. Paul and Pia get away with the goods in question.

Russell Brand visited with the Idols this week to act as charisma coach, although Paul thought it was going to be his mom. Haley takes her glasses off for the occasion. Paul asks for tips loosening up, and Russell tells him to try crack, and tells Jacob to take his top off to be sexy. He asks Casey if he stopped shaking, and refers to him as a gorgeous hairball of wonder. James asks what his best rock move would be, and Russell demonstrates that you need to be limber, indicating Steven Tyler still is. He tells James to not be afraid of his mid-section unless it starts talking to him. The Idols also take turns sitting in the judges’ seats with him, and advises Pia to imagine the judges aren’t wearing pants or underpants or trousers.

Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone, and Lauren Alaina are called to the center of the stage. Ryan Seacrest asks if Casey saw the tweet from Kelly Clarkson that she has a crush on him, and he replies, “Mmm yeah.” He keeps his message back to her to himself. Ryan jokes he won’t be her Justin apparently. When Randy watched Stefano’s performance again, he still felt it was jerky in the beginning. Ryan mentions jimmy Iovine picks on Stefano a little, and Stefano knows he just wants him to reach that goal. He might not, as of these three, Stefano is in the bottom three.

Constantine Maroulis is here tonight singing Unchained Melody. When he was on before, it seems like forever ago, and in fact it was six years. He left too soon. Being on Broadway seems to have amplified his dramatic tendencies. After his performance, they show a picture of his adorable little baby.

We finally get to see what Gwen Stefani did with the female Idols this week. She says she makes clothes, but only for herself, as she’s selfish. She got out some choices for each of the female Idols, and just wants them to go in and play around. She even has some things that she pulled out of her own closet. We get to see exactly how they ended up wearing what they did last night. Personally, this proves Gwen doesn’t have a future as a designer for others, as it wasn’t the best night for the female Idols and their clothing choices.

It’s no “sweet escape,” as it’s time for more results. Paul McDonald, Scotty McCreery, and Pia Toscano take center stage. Paul looks very nervous, but says he had fun last night and was pumped up seeing everyone else since he was up last. Pia feels like she has the stamina and endurance to make it all the way. Scotty talks about getting in trouble on the school bus for singing. He’s safe. It’s okay for him to sing on the stage apparently. Paul’s safe too, as Pia is bottom three, to the shock of many.


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