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American Idol 10, April 6 – Either You Get It or You Don't

Simon Cowell was on his buddy Piers Morgan’s talk show Tuesday night. He was asked what he thought about this season of American Idol. He thinks it’s better than his last season on the show. I think he’s right. The judges all have a great camaraderie, and something about it just works. They talent is better as a whole than any other season.

The producers must be a little worried about losing another one of the girls this week, as they brought in Gwen Stefani to give them a little style help. Then again they also brought in Jeff Beck for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week. Steven introduces it by way of looking at the costumes from the most famous, as well as one of his own. will.i.am is coaching the singers in addition to Jimmy Iovine.

Jacob Lusk isn’t a rock’n roll guy, so this is a tough theme for him. He at first decides to sing Let’s Get It on. will.i.am and Jimmy Iovine listen to it and love it. Jacob then changes it up, not wanting to sing this blunt song about someone doing the nasty. He’s now singing Man In the Mirror. Jimmy just wants him to feel comfortable. If he ends up in the bottom three, Jacob thinks it’ll be because everyone isn’t ready to look at themselves in the mirror. That’s kind of a strange comment, as what I’m thinking about is just how many times the song has been done before on Idol. He takes his earpiece out for some reason, but it turns out he doesn’t need it. He gets into classic Jacob at the end.

Steven calls the backup singer out and tells everyone to give it up for her, as she’s the one that wrote the song. He tells Jacob every time he sings he brings another piece of himself to the party. Jennifer feels Jacob lets everyone know if they believe in themselves and stick to what feels right, they can do anything in this world. She found the performance perfection at every emotional level.

Randy loves how Jacob said in his piece that while he could have sang the other song, he had to make the change as it meant more to him and was a deeper message to him. He’s proud of him for knowing he needed to find a Jacob moment, as there were Jacob moments all over it. Jacob calls it the greatest feeling to sing something you feel and know will touch other people.

Haley Reinhart is singing Piece of My Heart. She’s heard the judges compare her to Janis Joplin before, so says if they want her, she’ll give it to them. will.i.am thinks she sounds like an artist, not a singer. Yet, he doesn’t know who she’s singing it to. He wants her to think of the camera as the boyfriend that messed her head up. She wants to connect with everyone. She definitely takes their advice to heart tonight onstage. I feel her where I never have before. She finally let the beast out.

Jennifer being off to a strong start, as it’s starting to feel like a real fight. Haley is showing everyone she’s a real contender. She’s got the stuff, and if she keeps going like that, she’ll be around for a minute. I’m pretty sure she wants to be around longer than just a minute. That doesn’t make too much sense.

Randy tells Hayley when he and Steven were comparing her to Janis before, they were talking about the bluesy soul kind of thing she has, and that’s what she did with this, like with the cool run at the end. Steven couldn’t find anything wrong with her performance. Janis gave her voice to rock’n roll in 1968, and Haley did it again tonight. Ryan wants to know what she was imagining that camera boyfriend did, as she seemed pissed. She recalls it was just a lot all put together.

Casey Abrams was originally going to sing Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, and while he thinks the song is incredible, Jimmy and will.i.am thought he changed it to be too much of a lounge act. He admits to will.ai.am he’s just nervous in front of him. Nevertheless, he switches it up to Have You Ever Seen the Rain and is also playing that upright bass again. It’s just so … Casey. It’s so effortless for him, or at least seems to be.

Randy tells Casey he definitely made CCR and John Fogerty proud and did justice to the song. He’s now made the upright bass cool. It’s not meant for just polkas, jazz, country, or bluegrass. It’s now been used in popular music. It’s revolutionary. Steven thinks he ought to put wheels on the bass and ride it around town. The whole world is watching him, as he’s not just a singer and is a true musician. Every time he sings, he brings something different, and that’s what the show is about. He brings an upright bass to it, which no one can play. Jennifer thinks this is where he belongs, with his bass, and she’ pay top dollar to be in the front row. Casey mentions the extra pressure on him now after the save, as he wants to make the judges and America proud.

Lauren Alaina is singing Natural Woman, which Jimmy calls one of the greatest marriages ever, the one between R&B and country. He doesn’t feel there’s any other way to explain it but magic. will.i.am tells her country plus soul equals control. They want to see her do it relaxed. She’s gaining back her confidence, and once she gets that down, her personality will come out full force. To me, this song only belongs to Aretha and Kelly. She’s such a gorgeous girl, but the outfit makes her look heavier than she is. And if the song was totally knocking me out, I wouldn’t have noticed that. It’s a good version of the song, but is missing the soul. Christian Slater is in the audience mouthing “beautiful.”

Steven tells Lauren four months ago she came in a little girl, but tonight she’s a natural born woman. He loves her voice and thinks she’s great. Jennifer says there’s nothing more to say about it, and that’s kind of a worrisome statement. The crowd shouts out Lauren is amazing, and Jennifer agrees. Randy tells her she probably picked one of the more difficult songs of the night. While she did a good job, he wasn’t jumping up and down, and some people in past seasons have laid that song out. Lauren feels like it went well.


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