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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 6 – A Break From Country Music

Route Markers
• You know how I feel about product placement – annoying but necessary. However, I liked how the Snapple placement was incorporated into the challenges. The tea theme was a nice touch, and I loved how the seemingly throwaway task in China to taste the tea turned into an integral part of the Roadblock. Good move, Show.
• Looking at departure times – The Cowboys barely edged out Garlory last week (2 minutes), and finished almost two hours ahead of the Silver Surfer and his buddy Galactus (Fantastic Four – look it up).
• India remains a Race standby. Always good for some visual imagery. Mallory already loves it, and Ron was surprised so many people were there for a midnight flight. Ron, it is INDIA. There are 12 people in the shower with you when you wake up.
• Hysterical that Ron’s cabbie almost got them hit by a truck – not for the danger, but for the irony that Ron almost did that himself in the first leg.
• More fun – The Trotters faking out Mallory and others (but it was funnier because it was Mallory) at the bunching by pretending the clue box/sign in sheet was down the street. Heh.
• More Mallory-isms – The Race is like “living like people live, moving like the people move.” Except for the camera crews, the challenges, the Pit Stop food, the spoon-fed SUVs, but other than that, exactly like it.
• More funny things – Kent can’t find the Snapple. I think I read that children’s book to my kid recently.
• Were the sisters really searching around India for a Snapple factory? Or did I dream that? They probably had a better shot at finding Snapple’s customer service center. I did kind of enjoy Jen’s reaction when she realized the clue was in the cap – let’s just say it rhymed with “Shut the Truck Up.”
• I can do without Kent calling Vixen’s breasts pillows. Fairly certain she would be on board with that.
• The Trotters made a pact not to take a penalty this season – kind of scary that this required a pact.
• Another favorite part – the adorable Indian schoolchildren, all dressed in green, gathered around the Cowboys. They were like two Pied Pipers for kids who like to talk about gravy.
• Not sure why I found the small dots of paint on Flight Time’s bald head so funny.
• Poor Cord has no idea how to count to five. Says a lot about the Oklahoma school system.
• Lastly, gotta love any show that reduces Globetrotters to tears, in a good way. Let’s see the Celebrity Apprentice try to do that!

Roadblock – Identify the same tea that they drank in China among 1000 unmarked cups of tea. Flight Time, Mallory, Luke, Zev, Kisha, Jet, Kent and Ron.

DetourHindu Art or Bengali Literature. In Art, you paint, dress and adorn a statue of Ganesha, one of the most widely known Hindu diety. In Lit, you gather up eight stacks of children’s textbooks and get into a rickshaw school bus and deliver them to a school as you direct the driver on how to get there. Doing Art – Goths, Margie/Luke, Ron/Chris, the Sisters and the Trotters. Doing Lit – Garlory, Cowboys and The Tracksuit Twins.

Order of Finish – Garlory (the rupees, the tea and a Bollywood dance and feast), Cowboys, Ron/Chris, The Silver Dudes, Goths, Sisters, Trotters and Margie/Luke (ELIMINATED).

Next Week – Sisters are getting dirty and Zev doesn’t like this place. It is quite noisy.

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