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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 6 – A Break From Country Music

Meanwhile, great moment Number Two regarding Luke took place at the Detour. Flight Time finished the task and the Trotters took off, leaving the mother and son behind, almost guaranteed in last place. Only an epic navigation error or non-elimination leg would save them. Flight Time walked over and gave Luke a hug. Amazing bit of sportsmanship from the Globetrotter, and another example of how this season’s Race has been the biggest love fest in show history. All-Stars did not have the kind of kinship these Racers have enjoyed so far – it is part of the reason it has been such an enjoyable season to watch.

Apart from Luke, the other most watchable person this week was Zev. Man, I need a nickname for this team! And before I talk about/make fun of Zev – shout-out for Autism Awareness Day. Zev – we are all aware of you. I think we have to start our discussion of Zev in one logical place – the silver pajamas. Not sure if they were really pajamas, or if they were the lamest Mafia tracksuit ever. Seriously, if he were in The Sopranos, Silvio may have had to drive him into the Adriana section of the woods. I’d link, but that scene is pretty brutal to watch.

But there was Zev running around China and India in a sweatsuit that could have been a uniform of one of the superheroes in Mystery Men (underrated) . Of course, poor Zev had to take part in the tea challenge – after all they were his “tea drinking pajamas.” He thought he drank one of them seven times. Then he pretended he was at a Greek wedding and smashed one of the cups. And he may or may not have relieved himself in the cab – it seemed to have been an option presented by Justin. Unclear if the cabbie was on board with that plan.

But I think the moment I liked the most with The Silver Streaker was as he crammed himself, Justin and the books into the back of that tiny bus. That visual was funny for each team doing that challenge, but what got me was that Zev had some issues with the rickshaw driver. Not that he shady looking or incompetent. It was that darn Boston hat!! As a Yankee fan I am with him! If Zev is a Yankee fan it explains the tracksuit just a bit, I wonder if he’s really a secret Staten Island resident. I root for Boston Rob, that’s the extent of Boston love you’re going to get out of me unless it comes with a cup of chowder at the end.

I also have to say that just as in AR12, I cannot make up my mind on Ron/Christina. There is no denying that they are a tough team. They didn’t come within a heartbeat of winning the Race the first time around for nothing. Ron remains one of the oldest, most successful Racers. No one older than early 40s (Chip/Kim) has walked away with the title before. A few have gone as far as Ron – Teri/Ian, Ken/Tina, but not many others. But the weird thing is that…well…Ron is just an odd duck.

Each episode contains at least one Ron Being Ron moment, and this one took place at the Detour. As they began to paint the statue, the Race employed their usual collection of loud musicians/singers/dancers to distract the Racers with local cultural performances. Ron had his earplugs, but it was not enough. And it prompted this golden line from Ron – “Rhythm is wonderful, if I can disco to it, but I can’t disco while painting.”

Disco. Ron. Ladies and Gentlemen- I present Disco Ron. A mental image worth its weight in gold.

Lastly, I have to admit that I didn’t expect much out of Garlory this time around. However, they are proving to be a much better team than I ever thought they were. They are continuing the tradition of reality show “all-stars” where the most recent participant called back usually does quite well. See – Rupert in All-Stars, Amanda in Micronesia, Russell in Heroes vs. Villains, the BQs in Race All-Stars, Angelo and Tiffany in Top Chef, and now potentially Garlory.

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