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Top Chef: All-Stars – Finale – Iz Blais Going To Win?

Judges Table
Tom called it the best Finale food ever. Of course, I think he said the same thing last year. Blais admitted to wanting to throw up from the pressure. Gail thought Mike’s had subtlety and femininity and wonders if his sous chefs had something to do with it. Tom thought steaming fish was ballsy. Gail went cuckoo for pepperoni sauce some more. Tom felt the custard was cooked too hot, too fast.

Gail tells Blais that this was the most intense, flavorful meal course after course. Padma found the cod to be flawless. Tom wonders if the beef dish was too safe, and praised the ice cream and asked about the difference from first service.

Theoden marveled that they pulled this off in only five ours. Padma gave Blais’ oysters some love, and Tom gives Blais the first course as Mike’s salad was the weakest. All praised the fish, and Tom admits that Mike’s fish was the best he had…until he had Blais’ fish. Gail’s unholy love for the pepperoni gives Mike the third course, and the split decision on Blais’ liver ice cream makes it a 2-2 split.

But the win goes to Blais and for once the good guy and the best guy won.

Quickfire Hits
• Mike quit his job and skipped his honeymoon to do All-Stars. That is one forgiving wife he has – for so many reasons.
• Blais’ criteria for sous chefs – Who wants to be there, who wants to work, and who wants to listen. Amazingly, that’s what he got.
• I wonder what would have happened if Blais made Cap’n Crunch Ice Cream as originally suggested. Not for nothing – that sounds AWESOME!
• Blais sums up Mike well – “Mike’s strengths are his confidence and swagger…as are his weaknesses.”
• Mike admitting that the Vegas Mike could never have done this. It has been interesting to watch how being on the show managed to change these two, and many of the other chefs.
• Tom on why this challenge wraps the season well – it shows their cooking, creativity and leadership skills. That’s a chefs job, said Tom, the word chef means boss.
• You knew Spike meant business when the hat came back.
• Another small moment where you can tell the differences between Blais and Mike. As they await the verdict, Mike is nervously swaying back and forth and Blais is as still as a predator.
• Extra – just the chefs giving massive love and props to the final two.

Next week – The reunion. And the non-stop Top Chef continues with the premiere of the revamped Masters.

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