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American Idol 10, Mar. 31 – No Great Surprises in These Results

Tonight’s American Idol results show is going to be a tough one. For the most part, everyone did well last night. No one did terribly. It’s most likely going to come down to favorites as we look to who leaves, as after Casey Abram’s close call last week, all voters were on high alert. By the end of the hour, there might be a surprise or two headed home.

The intro to the show says we won’t believe who’s headed home. It could be a nail-biter. Ryan Seacrest tells us 55 million votes came in last night, nearly double the amount last week. That pretty much explains how worried fans were that they might lose their favorites.

Instead of a big group number tonight, we have small groups tonight. The first one is a duet of I Told You So by Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. They sound great together. What a fantastic idea this is to bring these type of performances out before the finale or even final four week. Along with both being country performers, they’re within a year apart. They go right from that to their results. They’re both safe, which isn’t too big of a surprise.

The top 11 tell us to look through the Ford videos to find hidden icons, and give up one to start with to search for in tonight’s video. It features them singing Kryptonite, featuring Naima with some possessed-looking eyes in this video about superheroes.

Ryan talks to Casey, mentioning that Rodney Jenkins suggested that he shave his beard. Casey mentions that although Rpdney wanted the whole thing off, he’s happy with just the trim. Casey believes he’s a “beard-y kind of guy” and that he needs at least a little something there. In a discussion of fan mail, James Durbin shows the coolest thing he got, a custom-made WWE World Heavyweight Champion belt with Crazy James engraved on it. It has what looks like a spinning hubcap in it.

Naima Adedapo and Jacob Lutz take center stage to sing Ashford and Simpson’s Solid. It’s a little weird, as they just don’t really match up well. It seems it’s’ a good thing people have already voted this week. They do a frantic dancing in between the slow parts which just seems out of place. One of them is in the bottom three, and one is safe. Not so surprisingly, the person in the bottom three is Naima.

Season three winner Fantasia Barrino is back tonight with Collard Greens and Cornbread. At least Simon Cowell isn’t still here to give her weird looks, although her outfit isn’t weird at all this time. Her hair is a little out there, and by that I mean it’s out there off the top of her head. She tells Ryan if there were one thing she wishes she knew when she was still on the show, it’s that you have to love what you do and have to keep people with you who are going to tell you when you’re wrong and when you’re right.

Haley Reinhart, Thia Megia, and Pia Toscano are next singing Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. It’s like group night in Hollywood with the mix of styles of singers on this. Pia shows here that the reason she has been singing only ballads is because she isn’t as good on pop songs. And since fans aren’t really looking for the next Celine Dion, this could spell trouble for her. Following along with the others, it’s time for results for these three. Pia is called safe right away. One of the other two is in the bottom three, and it’s Thia. No big surprises so far.

Hey, there’s Kris Allen out in the audience next to Scotty’s grandma and great-aunt. I thought he said yesterday that that was his grandma’s sister, but if that’s the case, she’s awfully young.

For a look back at a week with the Idols, we go to the week before last and see them going to a recording session, and being rushed off in a an airplane for a charity event in Arizona, Muhammed Ali Celebrity Fight Night. Sunday they went back to L.A. for the Ford video shoot. Back at the mansion, it was raining and leaking. Maybe it was the wet shoes that had Lauren falling down the stairs with her suitcase. They went back to Interscope on Monday to pick next week’s songs, then picked out wardrobe and got spray tans and manicures, They followed this with their in-your-monitors rehearsal with Marc Anthony.

Wednesday they had last minute run-throughs and then performances, followed by the results show. The best is James hugging Casey, so glad he’s staying, the worst is him being tended to by a doctor. Casey adds that he felt guilty ad couldn’t look anyone in the eye. He tells them he was ready to just be watching them from home.

James talked a few weeks ago about a band he formed with some of the other guys. Tonight they’re showing us what they’ve got as they sing Band on the Run. It’s James, Paul McDonald, Casey, and Stefano Langone. Stefano is on keyboards, and the other three guys are on guitar, with Casey’s being a bass of course. Oh, this is amazing. I love these guys and would pay big money to see them perform anytime.

One of those four guys, sadly, is about to be put in the bottom three. Steven jokes the band has a future and can open up for Aerosmith next tour. Ryan tells Casey if he knew how many votes he had last night, he’d be proud. He’s safe, as well as James. He hugs it out with his buddies and takes a seat. Paul is in the bottom three, and Stefano is safe this week.

With yet another performance tonight, it’s Jamie Foxx and will.i.am singing Hot Wings from the new movie Rio. They are featuring dancers and a drumline that would make my son’s high school drumline proud. Once again, though, as flashy as it is, we’re all thinking about the bottom three and which two are going home.

It’s back to the bottom three. Two of them are going home. The one safe Idol is Paul, with Thia and Naima head home. Lauren is sobbing. Thia feels she’s changed so mcuh as a performer and person. She still fells like singing will be her main thing the rest of their life. Naima thinks this has shown her children they can live their dreams.

As expected, it was two of the less popular contestants going home. Ryan suggested that Casey had a lot of votes and should be proud of that. Does that means his fans fought hard for him? If so, he probably wont’ come close to the bottom three for awhile, and perhaps not until the very end. It could make this thing really interesting to have such a close call so early in the season.

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