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American Idol 10, Mar. 30 – Iconic Music Leads to Stellar Night

Jacob Lutz loved the glam and the fashion with the shoot. He’s excited and stoked, and gets a little overhwlemed, but knows he has to live in the moment. The photographer calls him fun in front of the camera. He’s singing Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, although he knows it from Mary J. Blige. She joins his session with Jimmy, and he finds it one of his biggest moments of the show so far. Jimmy thinks he has a lot of confidence, but it’s something he could easily over-dramatize. It’s hard for Jacob not to be dramatic tonight with the fog machine pratically drowning him out. He seems like he’s going to break down in tears because of the emotion of the song. Wow, what an end note.

Steven tells Jacob he watched how far out he there he gets when he sings, and says the first half of the song blew him away and the second half was equal. Again, he slayed him. Jennifer wants to give a shout-out to Tricky Stewart for the arrangement, as it was amazing. He’s great and tailored it to Jacob. They already heard it by Robbie Rosen, but Jacob made it his own. Randy always loves Jacob The first half was brilliant, but remember he has the race horse and gas in the tank, but he has to always pick that one spot to go all the way up. He tells him Pia does it every time.

Hailey Reinhart has always dreamt of getting this whole glamor treatment and feels like a million bucks. She’s singing Bennie and the Jets. Jimmy recorded Elton singing and playing the piano on Whatever Gets You Through the Night and was amazed how hard he hit the vocals and how hard he hit the piano. He wants the piano player this time to do the same. Haley’s into it as she wants it to be rockin’. He advises her to put all those parts in the car and drive it to the show, as she doesn’t always bring everything with her. She starts the song from atop the piano and it’s the perfect song to bring out that bluesy sexy thing she has. J-Lo rocks it out with her from the judges’ table.

Jennifer tells Haley that was it. It was what they’ve been talking about. Jimmy was right; it all came toether. It was a great way to end the show and amazing. Randy calls it another amazing song, and for him it was the best performance of the night right there. She gave it up and deserves it. Steven tells her it goes to prove what a well-placed chorus can do, then says, “You. Sing. Sexyyyy.”

It was indeed a great night, and really proves how great Elton John’s music is. It’s the same way when the Idols do the Beatles. Everyone does well. If you start out with amazing music, you can still mess it up, but you have more of a shot at doing well. Once you take a great voice, great performance and iconic music, it makes it one stellar night.

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