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American Idol 10, Mar. 30 – Iconic Music Leads to Stellar Night

The photographer thinks rocker James Durbin brought more attitude to the shoot than anyone else. James is finding all of it a great experience, getting to meet some amazing people and real legends. He’s singing Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting and wants to come through the crowd and get everyone on their feet in an arena-type thing. Jimmy asks if he’s sure he wants to sing it, and he says yes. He warns Jimmy him he’s not changing it on him. Jimmy quips he had one wrestling lesson from Hulk Hogan and already he’s become gangster on him. James knows you have to stick to what you believe. Jimmy thinks he just have to use the stage the right way.

James is amazing as always. He just draws all the attention in. He comes down from the audience, then goes on the catwalk, only to sing with the guitar player afterwards. He gets the whole crowd clapping with him, throws the mic stand. and walks on the piano. He even lights the damn thing on fire.

Steven tells James he brought the heat. He thinks he has a really good rock voice and can go where no man can go, but tells him not to wear out his welcome and stay too long. Otherwise he’ll end up like him. James doesn’t think that would be a bad thing. Jennifer tells James when he’s up there she forgets it’s a competition show. She fells like the really encompassed the whole audience. It was really a full performance of a great song by a great artist period.

Randy tells James what he also loves is that he enjoys himself. It’s the gretest thing about anyone performing, He really felt he was having a good time. It was a great performance. James explains to Ryan he has a lot of hair spray in so was worried about having a Pepsi moment. Ryan mentions it’s sponsored by Coke. James explains a Coke moment is good. Good attempt at a cover.

Thia Megia knows you don’t get dolled up and pampered like this often, so is embracing it. She’s singing Daniel, and Jimmy wants her to think about the lyrics to open herself up from high school play mode. She’s comparing it to when her brother moved away, and it could be just the thing she needs to finally connect. She definitely pulls it out and gives that connection to the song that we’ve been missing from her. This is “the” Thia song for me.

Jennifer tells Thia it was beautiful. She likes what she’s seeing this week with how everyone is internalizing the songs. She did that, and the melody was well-suited for her voice. Randy liked that it was a very relaxed side of her where people could see that side of her voice. It was a little pitchy at times and sill very safe. Steven thinks when she ifnds the right song the voice appears, and that’s what happened tonight. She sang a great Elton John song well.

Casey Abrams admits at the photo shoot he didn’t have to do much. He was laughing and having a good time and just gave weird looks. He could see himself as a model and wants to start a new trend with bigger guys. He’s singing Your Song Jimmy thinks Casey needs to come back and earn that judges’ save. He wants to interpret the lyrics more than he has in the past. Jimmy thinks he finally nails it and gets the right tone and is interpreting the lyrics. Rodney wants him to change the beard, saying it’s become bigger than him. He gets a haircut as well.

Casey looks amazing tonight and this subdued side of Casey is wowing. It’s my second chillls of the night, and the chills aren’t stopping. Subdued Casey is amazing. It’s what he was hding all along. This is his Idol performance of the season like when Lee DeWyze did The Boxer. Casey could have just gone from the save to the winner.

Randy is sure he speaks for the fellow judges when he says he thinks saving Casey was one of the greatest saves of the show. That performance, hearing him sing, but not losing the whole thing, is what makes him Casey and different. It was absolutely brilliant, so nice and tender, a very nice choice, and well done. Steven concurs one of the finest moments of the show was putting Casey through. If not for the last two notes of the song, if those were the only two notes he sang, that would have gotten a standing ovation. The thing about him is that he sings differnet every time, and he loves it about him as it shows a true artist.

Jennifer recalls along the way they had to make hard decisions, and she’s lost sleep over them. But one decision she hasn’t lost sleep over was saving Casey. She slept like a baby. He proved why tonight, with the character in his voice, and with the choices he made in the song. It was just Casey. Ryan asks what he was feeling last week, and Casey says he wishes he could have been happier, but he couldn’t beleive it. It just blew his mind, and he knows he didn’t take it too well.


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