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American Idol 10, Mar. 30 – Iconic Music Leads to Stellar Night

Randy calls it quiet comfort, but also found a couple pitchy things. Yet, he once again found when Paul got into that tender zone, the quiet, soft voice, it was very infectious. Jennifer chips in wondering if he’s holding back, like he just hasn’t gone there. Randy wants him to allow himself to go there. Steven echoes that they believe. He wants to know if Paul is watering the suit, as there seems to be more flowers on it this time. Steven loves his voice sounding like an album, but when he starts hitting every note, he’s not going to like him anymore, as he likes that. Jennifer agrees and says that’s why they encourage him to push.

Pia Toscano feels the show has opened the doors to glam for her, as now she can wear all those things she dreamed of. The photographer thinks she knows how to fill the frame and is really beautiful. She’s singing Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, and is worried about doing another ballad, but Jimmy disagrees and thinks she needs to go somewehre in between Fergie and Axl Rose on this song. It’s something that we loved so much on Clay Aiken, though, so I’m not sure if it’s going to work. She doesn’t hit her notes completely, though, a rare Pia mistake. She pushes too hard. It’s usually a great song, but it’s boring tonight on her.

Steven thinks Pia has done it again . This just goes to prove some people might have been wrong asking her not to sing ballads anymore. It’s what she is, and she nailed it. He knows why good songs make him cry inside. It was a complete and full sentence. Jennifer agrees with Steven, as the words take us to another worldly place. She felt Pia more than she has before and feels like she’s trying to break the barrier. She jokes the next time Pia is going to pick up her leg and stomp on the floor.

Randy doesn’t know what’s going on, but she’s sung a ballad every time, and she’s slayed them every time, It was never that he thought she couldn’t, but everyone knows she can sing. He heard all of Pia tonight, and she was great once again. Still, he wants her to pick something uptempo next week and surprise them. She admits she was having fun. If she makes it through next week, she’ll be singing River Deep, Mountain High.

Stefano Langone didn’t feel he needed a makeover, but says during the shoot the pants were so tight, he could barely keep his legs bent. Last week was tough on him, and he beat himself up after being in the bottom three. He’s singing Tiny Dancer. Jimmy thinks it’ll be difficult for him, because the chorus was written for Elton’s voice. He wants Stefano to give us goosebumps, but the singer is feeling like he’s cracking the whip. Stefano knows if he doesn’t get it this week, he’s going home. Tonight, he just seems like he’s going to run away the whole time. It’s like he’s too keyed up.

Stefano comes out to hold Jennifer’s hand at the end, but Randy grabs extends his hand instead. Jennifer tells Stefano she could really feel him taking the notes as he was really connectng with the audience and making them feel something. She wasn’t sure in the beignning, but then it was back to the Stefano they know and love. What Randy loved more than anything was that he started connecting with the audience and his eyes were open from moment one. He liked it and liked him moving around the stage. When he hit the money note he was right on.

Steven thought it was a real sweet thing to Stefano voice. Sometimes Stefano thinks he has a thing about his voice that’s a little Broadway, but he nailed it tonight. He had to break away from the criticism last week, but getting through he was able to executive what they were talking about. It’s amazing how much Howie Mandel and Stefano’s dad look alike. Howie uses the moment to promote his show tomorrow on Fox.

Lauren Alaina calls the photo shoot a blast, as she usually gets ready in just ten minutes. She always wanted to be a singer, but didn’t think it would come with all the fancy stuff. The photographer thinks she ate the camera up. She’s singing Candle in the Wind, and doesn’t want to stray much from the orignal, as it was so great to begin with. Jimmy thinks she gets it and that Elton’s music plays to Lauren’s strengths. She wants to see what America thinks about the soft side of her. I have chills, as there is no way she doesn’t understand every word she’s singing.

Randy tells Lauren Elton is one of the greatest songwriters ever, and it’s one of the greatest songs ever written, and for him, that’s one of the greatest Lauren Alaina performances on the stage. It was very sensitive and very pro. Steven tells her he’s loved her since the first moment she laid eyes on him. They knew what she was all about the first night they heard her. It was perfect and just the right song. If she keeps singing like that, he thinks she’ll be able to afford the rest of that dress.

Jennifer calls the performance amazing, and says it was amazing. She was gorgeous and sounded gorgeous. She thinks it’s the first time America got to hear what they heard the first time they heard her. She calls her the best of the night. Lauren calls it a little different than running around checking it. She’s in awe of something above her, then says she’s so happy because Jennifer is so amazing. Steven is awesome, and she’s showing Randy love too.


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