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American Idol 10, Mar. 30 – Iconic Music Leads to Stellar Night

I don’t care who you are. You just can’t look at last week’s results show as anything less than the most exciting and dramatic ever. All it needed was Chris Harrison and a rose. Two are going home this week, and I’m guessing the Idols will be trying extra hard to impress, and that voters will try extra hard to make sure their favorite gets the votes he or she needs.

As a clip plays out showing what happened during the results show one last time, it’s literally awe-inspiring and bringing me to tears all over again. Now there’s no more second chances, unless you’re on The Amazing Race. And of all the weeks to have so much on the line, it’s Elton John week. Jimmy Iovine mentions Elton’s ability to go from subtle to full attack in eight bars, those lyrics and incrdible interpretation that Elton does.

This week the Idols had a photo spread with Entertainment Weekly, with the reps saying they’re all naturals in front of the camera. In the intro package of each Idol tonight, we’ll hear form them what they thought about the shoot as well as what the photographer thought about them.

Scotty McCreery talks about the lifestyle in Hollywood being a whole lot different than in North Carolina. The photographer believes Scotty has a whole elgegance that translated well to the camera. He’s singing Country Comfort this week, as it had “Country” in the title. The producer wants him to drop the grandma verse, but he won’t because his grandma is going to be in the audience this week. Jimmy knows some think Scotty is a one-trick pony, but it’s the best trick he’s ever seen on a 17-year old. Scotty has a great twang going on tonight, enough to make it hard to beleive it’s actually a Elton John song. You have to love him throwing out props to his grandma in the middle of the song.

Steven Tyler tells Scotty there isn’t nothing he can say to him that old fashioned high-heeled cowboy boots wouldn’t fix. He loves everything about his voice, and the fact that he tipped his hat to his grandma is the best. Jennifer Lopez knows in this business you can start getting things in your head as you learn more and more, but Scotty has amazing instincts about performing and what’s right for him. She encourages him to always keep grounded.

Randy Jackson doesn’t know if America has noticed it, but we were just at Scotty’s Place Bar and Restaurant, brought to you by American Idol. He has seasoned so fast on the show, he felt like he was watching him in concert, including his shout-outs to Grandma. He was so comfortable and in the zone, it sounds like it could be on his record.He tells Ryan his guitar’s name is Scarlet.

Naima Adedapo compares being at the photo shoot to playing dressup when you’re little. She feels it’s an appropraite week to do Elton John, as that’s who he is, flashy. She is singing I’m Still Standing and turned it reggae. She chose the song because of the lyrics, saying some people thought she wouldn’t make it this far. Jimmy finds it a brave choice, as it makes it harder to stay in tune, but if she does, he thinks it could be special. She does fall off tune a little, but it’s surprising how well this song lends itself to reggae. However, she needs to get rid of the affected Jamaican accent, as that ruins the whole thing.

Jennifer tells Naima she loves her and believes she is supposed to still be stnading. She loves her reggae swag, but isn’t sure if this song is suited for it. She thinks it was a better idea than payoff, yet loves the way she performs. Randy loves reggae, but it kind of came off corny, yet she’s not corny, and is cool and has mad flavor. Jennifer jumps in to say she thinks you still have to respect where she took it. Steven comments “boom shocka locka baby.” He feels the song fit her, and that it was good for her to do that.

Taio Cruz is at the show tonight to discuss everyone the audience helping him write a song for Coke. You can go online to submit your lyrics. The song wil debut live on the finale.

Before Idol, Paul McDonald was touring the country in a van filled with fourteen dudes eating dollar muenus to stay alive. Now that he’s here, it’s crazy and outside of his normal world. He’s singing Rocket Man, noting his band covered the song years ago, yet it was a disaster. Jimmy thinks he needs to come out like he’s singing in front of a bunch of people and this is his encore. He knows Paul won’t get away with his smile tonight and has to go one step above what he’s done before. Wearing the red-flowered jacket again, Paul offers up a more subdued version of the song than we’re used to, but the vibe definitely works on him.


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