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The Amazing Race, Mar. 27 – All the Tea in China

Gary and Mallory get the books delivered to the school. Their next clue tells them to make their way to the Fountain of Joy, the pit stop for this leg of the race. The Goth Couple are decorating their statiue, painting on the eyes, as he notes they do that every day. He feels it’s like them getting ready in the morning. Kisha and Jen think the goddess they’re painting might be pregnant, while Christina laughs, questioning if the goddess maybe just has a gut on her. Ron diplomatically mentions the music has a great rhytm if he could disco to it, but he can’t disco while he’s painting. Okay, but I’d still like to see it.

The Cowboys are looking for the book store, as are Zev and Justin. They find it first and load the books into the rickshaw. Justin wonders if it’s seatbelt-equipped, while Zev notes he’s a little claustrophobic, but wants to do it for the cause. The Cowboys finally get their books and get directions before they take off. One of them helps push the rickshaw from behind with his foot hanging outside the door.

Luke is doubled over on the table with a tea cup in his hand. He says again how hard it is, as Margie just says she knows. He doesn’t wan to quit, but doesn’t know if he can do it anymore. They hug and talk it out as she says she knows how he’ll feel if he doesn’t finish, so begs him to just do it.

Luke agrees to go back, and all the workers there start clapping for him. It has to have been hours. He gathers up the cups and takes them to the auctioneer. He drinks one and hands it to to him to ask if he’s right. No. Drinks another. Yes. Finally. The workers there claps excitedly and pick him up … literally. Margie and Luke thank everyone profusely. She is very proud of him as they leave.

The Globetrotters arrive at the tea stall and decide to do Hindu Art. The Goth Cople finish the Detour and leave for the pit stop. Kisha/Jen and Ron/Christina do as well. Margie and Luke get to the tea stall and decide to do Hindu Art. Dev and Justin deliver their books, as they get the clue to the pit stop, with the Cowboys directly following. The Globetrotters get to the Hindu Art challenge and start painting.

Gary and Mallory get to the fountain and find Phil and his mat. They are named team number one. He notes all the tea references on this leg, as well as the Snapple. Snapple created two limited edition teas inspired by all the flavors they tasted in India. They are the first to try it. Additionally, Snapple is givng them an Indian feast along with entertainment, as well as one million rupees to share. It’s over $20,000 US. I wonder how these TAR teas will compare to the ones created on Celebrity Apprentice last year.

Ron is complaining about being the first to get to the Hindu Art challenge, but losing their lead and having a splitting headache beacuse of the noise. They, along with Kisha/Jen, Zev/JJustin, and the Cowboys are all stuck in traffic. The Globetrotters work on their statue, as Margie and Luke navigate the streets to get there. They arrive just as the Globetrotters kick over a bucket of brown paint and have to fix what they ruined. It inspires Margie and Luke to catch up to them.

The others are still going through traffic, and Justin gives their driver a little extra cash as an incentive to make it through the traffic. Everyone arrives at the pit stop and makes a run for the mat. It’s the Cowboys that arrive in second place, Ron and Christina in third, and Zev and Justin in fourth. The Goth Couple get there while the others are all toasting with Snapple. Jet counts wrong and tells them they’re number four.

The Globetrotters finally pass the challenge while Margie and Luke are finishing, and Flight Tiem stops to give Margie and Luke a hug before they leave, as he knows how hard he worked at the Tea Challenge. Margie calls it very sweet. The Globetrotters can’t find a taxi as they lose any lead they had. Kisha and Jen run onto the mat for sixth place.

Margie an Luke pass the challenge as the Globetrotters are still looking for a driver. They find one, just before Margie and Luke do. The race is on. The text team to arrive on the mat are the Globetrotters. They are named team number seven as Phil makes it seem like they’re being eliminated. Big Easy says his friend carried them today and he knows he didn’t want to let him down. Flight Time knows you don’t get a lot of second chances in life, but they hope it’s not over. Is this where they got this season’s slogan?

Margie and Luke walk cavalierly to the mat as Luke sits down. Phil signs to them that they’re the last team to arrive and eliminates them. Luke cries as his mom hugs him. She notes the emotional afternoon and says she doesn’t hold him responsible. He apologizes to her and says this was a big dream for him. He would have never thought in a million years he could be on The Amazing Race. He had a wonderful time raching with his mom, and she’s of course very pruod of him.

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