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The Amazing Race, Mar. 27 – All the Tea in China

Ron gets it right. His clue comes out of what looks like a bottle of Snapple. Really? All the tea in China and they’re using Snapple? Their clue tells them to make their way to the Tiwari Tea Stall to get the next clue. Christina tells her dad he’s awesome.

Kisha is trying to gauge the tea by color, but is wrong. Mallory wonders how the others are doing it, while Flight Time admits he’s just guessing. Luke is upset to begin with. Kent thinks he has it, but is wrong. Jet is trying to go by scent and gets it right. Luke says he’s full already. Flight Time is worng again. Kisha finally gets it and wonders if the clue means there’s a Snapple factory near there. They ask a local if he knows where they make Snapple, but he doesn’t.

Kent is wrong again, then finally gets it right. Luke signs, “Why is this so tough?” Zev thiks he’s drank the same one seven times. Mallory thinks she has it and is right. Flight Time thinks he has it finally, but doesn’t. Neither does Luke or Dev. He smashes the cup, which isn’t a good idea. Big Easy feels for all of them as Flight Time is wrong again. Zev finally gets it right. Luke is wrong two mire times.

Ron and Christina are driving around trying to find their destination, and Kisha and Jen are still trying to figure out where the tea is manufactured. Jen says she’s about to drink the Snapple, and that’s what they need. The Cowboys are navitgating through the streets, as the Goth Couple are keeping their tea safe against Vyxsin’s bosom.

The Goth Couple are the first team to the Tea Stall and find a Detour – Hindu Art or Bengali Literature. In Hindu Art, teams will make their way to a statue area and paint, dress, and adorn a statue of a Hindu God. When it matches the example, they’ll get the next clue. In Bengali Literature, teams will make their way to a bookstore where they’ll be given eight stacks of chilfen’s books. They’ll squeeze themselves and the books into the back of a rickshaw school blus and direct the driver through the streets to a school. The headmistress will give them the next clue.

The Goth Couple decides to do the Hindu Art. Gary and Mallory arrive and decide to do Bengali Literature. Kisha and Jen are still trying to figure out where the Snapple is made. They finally decide to open the bottle to see if the clue is on the top, and finding it, Jen yells, “Shut up!”

Ron and Christina land at the tea stall and he wants to do Hindu Art, for fear they’ll get lost if they do the other. Kisha and Jen arrive as well, seemingly quick considering they just figured it out, and want to do Hindu Art as well. The Cowboys are wandering the streets looking for the tea stall. Flight Time tries yet again to guess the correct tea and is wrong again, as Luke does the same. Flight Time is wrong yet another time.

Gary and Mallory find the book store and get the books, then load them in the rickshaw. She asks the locals for someone who speaks English, and finding someone, has them translate to tell the driver where they need to go. Gary feels like a monkey in a parade sitting in the back of the closed rickshaw.

The Cowboys findally get to the tea stall and decide to do Literature, as do Zev in his jammies and Justin. A dog runs after Ron and Christina as they run through the streets looking for the right location. They find it, along with Kisha/Jen and the Goth Couple. Kent thinks the ‘pretty in Pink” task is perfect for them. Ron and Christina discuss the possibility of using ear plugs because of the loud music from the street musicians.

Flight Time and Luke try again and are still wrong. Flight Time calls it one of the hardest things he’s had to do and remembers their first season when they took the penalty instead of figuring out the Roadblock. He doesn’t want to give up this time, though. Eventually he gets it right, and Luke is still stuck there drinking.

The Globetrotters find the clue in the Snapple cap and know they need to move fast. Luke is wrong again. He cries to his mom about how hard it is. She encourages him and tells him he can finish it. He gets it wrong again. Margie mentions that he got frustrated on the last race, too, during the surfboard challenge.


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