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The Amazing Race, Mar. 27 – All the Tea in China

The last leg was physically exhausting for everyone. They didn’t have that twelve hours of rest and did two legs back to back, with a very physical challenge at the end building those huge dinosaurs. It’ll be interesting to see who bounces back after this twelve hours and who continues to struggle.

The Cowboys, Jet and Cord, are the first to leave Kunming, China, at 2:14 PM. Their clue tells them to make their way to Jin Fu Yi Zhan Tea Shop, where they’ll take part in a tea-tasting. What they don’t realize is the tea they’re tasting will appear in a later challenge on this leg. After they have their tasting, they’ll get their next clue. Jet feels his family is making as big a sacrifice as he is for him to be there. HIs wife is staying home and taking care of their 2-year-old and the ranch, just like Cord’s wife. They dont’ want to go home empty-handed.

Gary and Mallory leave at 2:16 PM, as she says she used to have tea parties all the time, so she knows a lot about tea. Margie and Luke leave at 2:48, with him reading the clue and fearing they’re staying in China.

The Cowboys get to the area where the tea shop is located, but it’s Gary and Mallory who find it first and enter. They have their tea, which she thinks is peach-flavored. The Cowboys walk in just after, with Mallory greeting them with a “howdy.” Cord wonders if they should take their hats off. Gary and Mallory get a clue telling them to fly to Kolkata, India and make their way to the town hall.

The Cowboys drink their tea like shots, as Kisha and Jen leave at 3:43 PM. They, too, aren’t very happy to not be leaving China yet. Kent and Vyxsin leave at 3:52 PM, and Flight Time and Big Easy leave seven minutes later. Margie and Luke enjoy their tea, as Ron and Christina leave at 4:09 PM. Zev and Justin leave one minute after this. Justin says they needed a pick-me-up leaving in last place, and that is supposed to explain Zev’s silver pajamas. Umm, not really.

Kisha and Jen drink their tea, as do the Goth Couple and the Globetrotters, who deem it delicious. Christina asks what kind of tea it is and hears Papaya Mango, which should help her in the later challenge. Zev and Justin drink their tea, still wearing the silver jammies.

We miss the airport drama as all teams are on the same flight to Kolkata. They all rush into the crowds of India at the same time, looking for a taxi. Mallory already loves India. I wonder bow long that will last. Ron finds it crazy to see all those people at the airport for a midnight flight. The Cowboys pass up Gary and Mallory, and their driver is “fixin’ to pass another one.” They figure it’s the Globetrotters in the lead looking at the passengers barely fitting in the car. Luke thinks his and Margie’s driver is driving on the train tracks. Roy and Christina nearly get hit by a truck with their crazy driver.

The teams start to arrive at town hall, only to find out it doesn’t open until 10 AM. Everyone already there is standing in front of any clue and start yelling at the last teams to arrive – Ron and Christina, Gary and Mallory, and Margie and Luke – to hurry. They run around like crazy trying to find it as the others have fun at their expense. Finding out what’s going on, Mallory tells them she hates them all.

While they wait for town hall to open up, they’re watching the town come alive, and Mallory hits it right saying she thinks the race is about living like the people live and moving like they move in the country. This ia tough place to survive, so she thinks they might have a tough leg.

Town hall opens and the teams find a Roadblock. One member of each team will take place in a tea-tasting. They’ll gather a papaya and a mango and bring them to the auctioneer. Once the auctioneer infuses the flavors, they need to find a cup of tea among hundreds that has the same flavors they had in China. Their clue will be in a tea bottle cap when they’re done.

Doing this challenge are Kent, Jet, Luke, Kisha, Mallory, Flight Time, Ron, and Zev. They dleiver their fruits to the auctioneer as Flight Time says, “Here you go, Homey.” Most start to drink the tea, but Ron tries to smell for flavors and believes the whiff of the mango comes through.


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