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Top Chef: All Stars – Ep 14 – And Then There Were Two

Second Elimination Challenge One bite. Mike vs. Antonia. Go.

Antonia – Seared Grouper in Coconut Lobster Broth with a yam, Apple and Dill Pollen Relish

Mike – Tempura Lobster over Beef Tartare with Caramelized Olives and Chimichurri Sauce

Gail loved the idea of Antonia’s dish, Tom found the sauce too powerful and Morimoto agreed. Michelle loved Mike’s crispy lobster, but not wowed. Gail felt it worked as a whole. Michelle realized that the two dishes came from opposite extremes – too much or too little. Mike earned the votes from Gail, Michelle and Padma. Antonia had Melanie, Tom and Morimoto. Eventually, Puck chose Mike and set up the Finals.

Quickfire Hits
• Blais on Mike – “He’s won two challenges in both of his seasons, I’ve won eight.” Hee.
• Antonia was thrilled she kept her hand tools. Why? She had to open cans. Good point.
• Maybe it was just me, but Blais cutting the lime with one hand impressed the hell out of me.
• Carla suggested lime zest for Antonia’s soup, however, not really a lot of canned lime zest out there on the market.
• Mike proved again to be the MM of old. He said that Michelle is one of the top women chefs in the country. No, Mike. She is one of the top chefs in the country. No need to point out gender, right?
• How cool were the photos of Puck, Michelle and Morimoto as children? I especially loved her as a five-year-old chomping on a big ole chicken drumstick.
• Midway in the episode, Antonia gave an interview with tears in her eyes. Come on, producers, stop giving away the ending during confessionals!!!
• Lastly, one very cool moment. In the tiebreaker, Antonia asked Mike for a peeler, and he gave her one in his bag. In the final challenge to decide who cooks for the title. Can you imagine that kind of professional sportsmanship on any other show? Good for Mike – I almost forgive the MM regression.

Next week -Blais vs. Mike. Top Chef on the line.
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