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American Idol 10, Mar. 24 – A Night of Surprises and Shocks

Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo, and Casey Abrams come to the stage next. One of them is safe, and it’s Naima. Honestly, there seems to be no question over who is the other one in the bottom three among these two. What? The heartbeat of the entire place stops. It’s Casey who is the other one in the bottom three! This is a shock!

Before we find out who could be going home, the only Idol to become an Oscar winner, Jennifer Hudson, takes the stage. Honestly, no one can concentrate on this performance after the craziness we’ve seen tonight. We saw Casey being sent to the bottom three.

Ryan sends one of the bottom three back to safety, and it’s Thia, somewhat surprisingly. The person who had the lowest total is shockingly Casey. He’s singing I Don’t Need No Doctor. How can he not be safe? The judges interrupt him singing and tell him they know who he is. There’s no point in going through this whole thing. They’re using their save.

Casey is literally stunned. The color is drained from his face and the sound is cut, but his mouth clearly makes out words that are dropping the F bomb. He runs up and thanks the judges, and at one point heads out to the audience to thank his parents. He’s honestly shocked that the judges are using the save on him. A guy with that type of natural talent had resigned himself to going home.

Ryan talked to Casey who explains he thought that if someone got cut tonight they wouldn’t use the save, as there’s eleven people. He started singing, and the fact they cut it, scared the “stuff” out of him. He promises to make everyone proud. Jennifer tells him they were wondering what was going on with the vote. He had a rough week last week, but was back at it this week, and he deserves to be here. Randy tells him to be the different guy that he is.

It was a pre-determined thing that if someone was saved at this point in a season, all eleven would go on tour. The Idols are ecstatic to hear that. However, two of them will be eliminated next week. You can be sure Casey’s fans will not let him down next week. It’s a scary thing looking at who could go home next week, but all the Idols, as well as the fans, were just served notice tonight to be prepared for anything. No one is safe.

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