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American Idol 10, Mar. 24 – A Night of Surprises and Shocks

We start out knowing tonight has a surprise in store for us How? Because Nigel Lythgoe tweeted about it, saying there would be something shocking in tonight’s result show. It has to be the results, right? Any guesses before we start off? I think it has to be someone the judges thought did really well, but the viewers obviously didn’t think so. Will it be a big name that will have the judges using their save?

Jenniferi Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony, came in to help the Idols this week, showing them all how to use the custom-made headphones to stay on pitch. Marc adds after helping them out, he wanted to excuses for their performances. During the show last night, he didn’t always agree with what the judges said. After Jennifer said to a contestant that they left her speehless, and it wasn’t hard to do, Marc said it was the biggest truism.

The top 11 take the stage in suits for the guys, and white dresses for the girls, to sing Aint No Mountain High Enough. There’s some great choreography, along with the vocals. I think they must have gotten a new choreographer this year. It’s just not as cheesy. Casey just makes me smile. I jsut have to say that.

This launches into Stevie Wonder taking the stage in a surprise to sing Signed, Sealed, Delivered. He hasn’t lost a step. It’s toe-tapping good fun. After, he talks to Steven and asks if he’s ready for a celebration. Stevie leads eveyrone into singing Happy Birthday to him, and the Idol also present him with a cake. Now he’s the one that’s speechless.

With all that hoopla over, it’s time for the Ford video, this time to the song All This Beauty. The Idols are all driving around in their Fords with raincoats and doing some recycling. They make a sculpture of a tree out of their recycling. At least that one makes a little sense this time.

The lights dim and Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano, and Scotty McCreery come to the center of the stage. Ryan tricks them and says they’re all packing their bags … because they’re leaving in a few months on the summer tour. They made the top 10! There’s a huge celebration between them.

Sugarland interrupts the proceedings to sing Stuck Like Glue. Someone needs to teach Jennifer Nettles about monochromatic looks. She’s wearing green jeggings, a black shirt, and blue print belt, and pink jacket and heels. It’s really the oddest look. It’s like what my daughter used to walk around in when she was dressing herself at 6 or 7.

We get a sports fan moment to equal Scotty’s huge basket last night. James is apparently a giant pro wrestling freak. A clip package has Thia telling him it’s fake. Stefano saying he was into it when he was young, and Jacob refusing to talk about it. Scotty says James is good at it and knows all the moves as we see him making good work of Paul. Naima is still claiming it’s fake. Pia wants to take them all on. They get into a big wrestling match in the mansion, complete with smashing a cake pan over each other’s heads.

The lights dim again and James Durbin and Paul McDonald join Ryan at center stage. Ryan tells them they’re not safe tonight, and Hulk Hogan comes out. James is absolutely ecstatic, and gets down on his knees for him. Hulk tells them he has good news and really, really bad news. The good news is they’re both safe. The bad news is is Ryan isn’t safe, and he does a fake punch to Ryan who lands in the audience.

Back from a commercial, Ryan tosses James something from Hulk, and it’s the ripped shirt. He’s literally in awe. Thia Megia, Jacob Lutz, and Stefano Legano come to the middle of he stage. Jacob is safe and in the top 10. Thia and Stefano are both in the bottom three. That’s not so shocking.


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