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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 5 – Double The U-Turn, Double The Fun

Route Markers
• I think we need to stop using the phrase “potentially fatal mistake” unless lives are truly on the line. Is that possible?
• Yeah, a bunching. We all knew it was coming. I wish there was an ideal way to have a bunching that penalized the Goths for running such a bad previous leg, or in this case half-leg. Otherwise, we’ll just have to deal with the Hours of Operation and airport automatic bunching every few legs.
• Wonderful moment – the downtime pickup basketball game while waiting. Flight Time, Kisha and Cord vs. Big Easy, Jen and Jet. Not sure who won, other than all of us watching at home, but the Gingers adding in cheerleading…priceless.
• Line of the night – Zev and Justin’s combined rationalizing of the top bunk in the triple bunks, “The good thing about being on the top bunk, there’s less of a chance of a murder.” HA! And I’m not just saying that because Justin re-tweeted my column last week. Or am I?
• I am trying to avoid making Jade Cock jokes. It sure is hard. D’oh!
• “Make your way to the Golden Arches.” What? Is the next challenge, requiring the Gingers to shoot a Carl’s Jr. commercial?
• Ron never played with dolls? Dude, you have a daughter, how is that possible? You know, that woman standing next to you wearing that wild lampshade on your head!
• My favorite parts of the doll challenge – both memory related. Since you had to memorize 15 dolls in elaborate costumes, I was interested in strategy. Sisters came back to line up the dolls and Jen barked, “Don’t talk, Don’t talk.” Meanwhile, the Trotters were the best. They used simple reminders – “Bucket Head, Red Bell, Our hats, etc.”
• I wonder if the Goths are going to get a true traditional villain edit this season. It sure is looking that way, no?
• Ron’s kabuki dance comment about the Goths? Well, now that’s vintage Ron.
• High comedy – Kent falling off the ladder. High intellect – Chris using the term “crux of the bone” to identify her error. High something else – Jamie lying across the bones. Yeah, I’m not ashamed.
• I found quite funny Cara’s line as Justin finished and Jamie started over, “Now I think we definitely are doomed.” Even more I liked Ron hustling onto the Mat to help the team beat Zev/Justin.
• Lastly, despite the terrible, terrible double leg, Kent thinks they are hitting their stride. I’d be afraid to think of what he thinks trouble is.

DetourHonor the Past, Watch a traditional Tibetan performance and then place dolls in order of the costumed performers who came on stage, or Embrace the Future, off load solar heating system and haul them up a building and install them on the roof. One is physical, one is mental.

Past – Ron/Chris, Zev/Justin, Sisters, Garlory.
Future – Margie/Luke, Gingers, Goths, Cowboys and Trotters.
Gingers and Trotters have to and do the past as well.

Roadblock – Build a dinosaur, a 20-foot high dilophasaurs. The key is to put the joints in place properly. Hey, we do know that Hips Don’t Lie. At least a paleontologist is there to hand out clues. What, was Ross Geller unavailable? .

Order of Finish – Cowboys (with $10K to split), Garlory, Margie/Luke, Sisters, Goths, Trotters, Ron/Chris, Zev/Justin, Gingers (ELIMINATED).

Next week – India. And all that goes with it.

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