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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 5 – Double The U-Turn, Double The Fun

Guess what, Race fans? THIS is how the U-Turn is supposed to work. I was thrilled to see not one, but two teams face a U-Turn and not have any of them express moral outrage over the occurrence. All that we got was some good-natured ribbing by Flight Time to Cara and a little boasting from the Trotters (Double U-Turn THAT), but there appeared to be no hard feelings. Now, we won’t have a chance to see if those bad feelings would linger as the U-Turner/U-Turned Gingers got the boot this week.

Both U-Turns were logical, while interestingly not extremely effective. The Goths were burned in S12 when the U-Turned a team they assumed to be behind them, but was actually ahead of them. If I recall correctly, they knew one team (I think it was Nate/Jen) was behind them, but used it Nicolas/Donald who they thought might be. It was a decision, coupled with the meltdown in the car and getting lost, which did them in.

This time, knowing they had a 30-minute penalty, they HAD to U-Turn somebody. With some help from the Cowboys in finding the box, the Goths arrived mere seconds ahead of the Gingers. Now, they assumed the Trotters were behind them because the guys were still at the Detour when they left, but I guess the question lies, “Bird in the hand, or two in the bush?” The Goths KNEW the Gingers were behind them because they were standing there, they ASSUMED the Trotters were based on logic. Their Race could have been hanging in the balance. So, props to them, it is hard to do that in the face of the other team, but they did.

It is possible the Gingers acted badly and it was edited out, but we did not see it. What we did see was quick thinking as they threw their U-Turn on the Trotters – their only logical play. Interestingly, both the Gingers and Trotters banged out the other Detour rather quickly and arrived at the Roadblock in pretty good position. It was here that the Gingers lost it – not because of the U-Turn. If Jamie were able to finish without issue, they’d be in and Zev/Justin would be out.

And kudos to Jamie – she knew they were in last, and were far behind in last. She could have packed it in, gone to the Pit Stop (four hour penalty if Non-Elim would have been welcome given her fatigue), but she took that dinosaur apart and rebuilt it. They went out, but went out well. It’s funny, they were a lot more likable in defeat than they were when they finished second.

And, the irony factor continues as Jamie’s cab driver karma continued. I wonder if this will be the theme all season – it’s like Rod Serling put this Race together!

In other news, more good Race play! Garlory was absolutely correct in using the Express Pass when they did. That’s what it was for, even if they failed to win the leg. They had to avoid elimination – to do so while holding the Pass would be like Survivor China’s James getting eliminated with two Immunity Idols in his bag. They arrived last to the Roadblock, and were in great danger of getting knocked out. Smart move for this team.

One thing I have noticed as this rather entertaining season rolls along, who are the favorites? The Cowboys are always strong, but if there are more urban settings – and next week looks like the craziest of all urban settings is coming back, India – they could struggle again. They were lucky to survive the first leg.

The Trotters? Physically strong, but rather prone to making some huge mental errors.