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American Idol 10, Mar. 23 – Putting Sneakers on and Kicking Ass

Steven calls it different like Dylan or Willie Nelson He loves what Paul does on the guitar. Jennifer thinks he’s the most seasoned performer they have there, and Randy thinks it’s like he’s in a bar. She thinks he’s a complete package and just needs a producer. Ryan thinks his jaguar pin he’s wearing is going after the cougar vote.

Naima Adedapo is singing Dancing In the Street. She’s honored to be singing Motown, as she wants to give thanks to those who paved the way for her. She thinks people started to think of this song as an anthem for civil rights. Jimmy advises her to make her performance push out fun. She’s going to add a little African Dance to it. I really love this girl, and this song isn’t bad, but so far it’s my least favorite tonight. After hearing about the dancing, I’m waiting for it, and that could be part of the problem.

Steven doesn’t know what to say, but it was “A to the Z to the twiddle-dee-dee.” Naima came up with the durms in it and the dancing, and once agian this is the whole package. Jennifer thinks she’s an exciting performer, and says it was her first little goosebumps of the night. She’s the mover, shaker, and dancer. She has that little something extra on the stage. Randy has been a llittle rough on her, but finally feels all of Naima showed up, with the African dance, the reggae dance, the performance artist stuff. Everything she did was very smart. “Good lookin’ out.” Nigel Lythgoe in the audience gives her a standing O for her dance.

James is singing Living for the City, a song we all remember Taylor Hicks doing. James notes it’s about poverty and racism, but in such an upbeat, happy happy song, to him it’s like Stevie was saying there’s hope. Jimmy thinks this is where Mic Jagger, Robet Plant, and even Steven Tyler get their soul from. The original Fuk Brothers’ bassist, Bob Babbitt, gives him a thumbs up. If James gets it right, Jimmy thinks itcould be his moment in the sun. He dances around, sings into the camera, and totally owns this song, with Bob Babbitt accompanying him.

Steven’s shaking his head, but I think that’s in a good way. Jennifer can only say, “Oh my God.” She can’t even fit any more in until the crowd dies down. She tells him he is serious busines up there doing the backstep, and it’s just an incredible thing to watch. He leaves her speechless.

Randy tells James it was a little rough for him when it started, but once he started moving, he hit his pocket, and it was unbelievable. Randy thinks James builds his confidence when he hits the high notes. But when he turned it on the whole carb, and Steven started moving, that’s when they all got it. Sometimes, Steven thinks it takes a little bit of being crazy to make a difference in this world, and that’s what James is all about. HIs voice was incredible and he nailed it.

It was a good night. Everyone did either as well or better than expected. Yet, someone has to go home. It’s probably still going to be a girl going home, but I suspect this will be the first week without an all-female bottom three.

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