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The Amazing Race, Mar. 20 – Puttin' a Bullet in a Playboy Bunny

Flight Time asks Cara why they U-Turned them, and she passes the buck to Vyxsin, saying it started right there. Vyxsin explains they U-Turned the Redheads because they have a thirty-minute penalty. She assures him it wasn’t personal. Flight Time says as long as they weren’t being mean, but he thinks the Redheads were being mean.

While Gary and Mallory are getting directions, the Cowboys steal their cab and take off. Margie’s dinosaur passes, and she and Luke are headed for the pit stop. The Cowboys get out of their cab and start running as Gary and Mallory are still in their cab. Soon both teams are running, searching for Phil. It’s the Cowboys that get there first. Phil declares them team number one. They have won $5000 each. Cord tosses his hat in the air. Gary and Mallory arrive to take second place. Checking for directions cost them $10,000.

Those at the Roadblock are all jimmying and wedging their dinosaurs trying to get them right. Vyxsin knows they have to get to the pit stop a full thirty minutes ahead of anyone else, or they’re out of the Race, Kent falls off his step ladder and appears to take a bad fall, but is okay. Christina finally finds what she’s been missing, saying she flipped the crux of the bone. Kent thinks he has it figured out too. Jaime can’t get hers wedged apart again, and getting overheated, takes off her top, to the apparent delight of the paleontologist.

Margie and Luke are declared team number three. Kisha finally finihses her dinosaur, and Kent finishes his. Kisha and Jen find their cab has left. Jaime complains she can’t breathe. Kent and Vyxsin hop in a cab, and Kisha and Jen catch one just after. Flight Time is finally told his dinosaur is correct and celebrates loudly, as Cara notes how noisy the Globetrotters are.

Kent and Vyxsin are named the fourth team to arrive, yet have to wait out their thirty minute penalty. Kisha and Jen arrive in front of them to be named the official fourth team. Kent says if they’re out of the Race today, it would be such a blow. Vyxsin agrees that it would be a shame to happen today when they’re just seeming to be getting their game back. Kent and Vyxsin’s time expires, and they’re named team number five. The Globetrotters run in to be team number six.

Christina finally gets her dinosaur approved, leaving just Justin and Jaime working on the dinosaurs. Justin thinks he has it, but is told no. Then he thinks he just has it out of order. Jaime tries to get hers passed, but is also told no. Justin finally gets his passed. Jaime tries to show Cara that a huge piece needs to come off and be flipped around, and that’s where she’s struggling. Cara knows they’re doomed.

Ron/Christina and Dev/Justin run for Phil’s mat, but Ron and Christina both are on the mat first. They’re named team number seven, and Dev/Justin team number eight. They all high five each other.

Jaime is struggling, and Cara knows she’s physically exhausted. She finally gets it finished, and she and Cara head to the pit stop. Phil tells them they are the last to arrive and are eliminated. He knows things just didn’t go their way, as Jaime says things never go their way. She felt Cara wanted her to finish the dinosaur. She thinks it would have been nice to win, but not everyone can. Still she feels it was worth it to come back.

It does seem somewhat like the Cheerleaders were living on borrowed time. That had only gotten that reprieve a few weeks back because Mel and Mike had basically quit, allowing them to catch up. That’s what’s nice about having these legs without a break instead of the old non-elimination legs. It seems the teams have to work even harder to get out of that rut. The Cowboys certain did after the first week of the Race. Without that thirty-minute penalty the Goth Couple wouldn’t have had to worry about it too much, but with that, they really had to hustle, and it definitely paid off for them.

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